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Mar 18, 2008 10:45 AM

Argentine Chorizo and Provoleta

Does anybody know where I can find Argentine style chorizo (big, robust sausages meant for the grill - nothing like Mexican or Spanish chorizo) or provoleta (sliced cheese circles meant for the grill)? Or morcilla (blood sausage)?

I've tried WF and Central Market to no avail.

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  1. Haven't seen them (or looked, for that matter) myself, but I would definitely check out Fiesta. I'd be surprised if they carried the cheese, but I know they have different South American sausages in the frozen section, and I feel like I might have seen morcilla at the UT location.

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    1. re: renz
      I have ordered from here, not what you are looking for, but she reccomended
      this place in San Antonio, they might have what you need.
      Latin America [Map]
      14 International Food Market
      2449 Nacogdoches Rd.

    2. I don't know personally, but the chef/owner of BA Cafe on S. 1st is born and bred Argentine, and very friendly, so she might be a great resource for where to find those items.

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        After a trip to Argentina where we had it at least twice a day, we have tried unsuccessfully many times to recreate provoleta. We have tried tons of different types of aged provolone from CM and Fiesta but always end up with a grill full of melted cheese. There must be some secret trick to making it that we haven't discovered. If anyone knows, please share...

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          The trick to a crispy provoleta (I just found out on my trip to B.A. this week) is to freeze the provoleta before you toss it on the grill. This will give the provoleta enough time to setup so it does not drain out the bottom of your grill.

      2. Central Market just had an Argentina themed week. Last week I bought some Mr. Tango Argentinian style chorizo. They probably still have it. It was quite fantastic on the grill. I bought the caliente style. They also had blood sausage and one other that escapes me. I also got the coiled pencil-link Salchicha Parrillera sausage. It was really good also.

        An argentinian blog I read has a recipe for provolenta...

        Central Market
        4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745