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Mar 18, 2008 10:25 AM

Farmers Market (Las Vegas)

I love going to local Farmer Markets. Living in Minnesota, we have limited time when local produce is good.... I'll be in Vegas the first week in May and would love to go to one of the Markets I saw online. Has anyone been? Is one preferrable to the other? Which one is closer to the Strip? (I'm staying at Caesar's - would love to bus it there, but will take cab if I have to - Thanks!

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  1. candidly, the LV Farmer's Market's have been disappointing (ok, really disappointing) when I've been there in the past several years. There are generally not very many vendors of produce (sometimes of crafts, etc.). I really would not recommend that you travel all the way out to Summerlin (and definitely not on a bus or in a cab!) for that. I hate to say it, but I'd probably recommend going to Whole Foods if you want some good produce, which will likely be reasonably local (i.e., CA); there is a new one under construction on the South Strip which may be open by when you visit.

    BUT, I will say will enjoy the sunshine and the great weather, and it didn't snow 4" in LAS this week!

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      Thanks for the candor! Hopefully it will grow to something special some day.

    2. I wouldn't bother yet. It needs a little more time to mature...