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Mar 18, 2008 10:17 AM

Fancy Dinner Party - Help with menu

I am having my first dinner party in two weeks for six people. The theme is Welcome to Spring so I have been trying to think of dishes that go with Spring. I would serve salmon but I have a friend who won't eat seafood at all and I want to please everyone.

Anyone have any ideas on a entree. I was thinking meat, potatoes and maybe vegetable.

My idea for appetizers is a cheese plate and for dessert panna cotta with berries. But if anyone has a better idea I up for anything. Money isn't an option but I don't want to break the bank either.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. I made this wonderful potato dish as part of a Goin fish recipe, but I imagine it could be adjusted for a meat dish - it had smashed fingerlings, favas and peashoots. Pretty much sang spring to me. Basically you cook the fingerlings, and smash with your palm when cooled, blanch and peel the favas, then sautee the potatoes in butter, and add the favas and pea shoots.

    Lamb seems like a good Spring meat option.

    And - I do hope money is AN option ;-).

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      Lamb....Asparagus...New Potatoes.....Stawberries.........

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        BTW - I made this tonight with blanched asparagus instead of favas - cut up the spears into 1.5 inch or so pieces, then cut the stalk pieces in half. Almost as good as with the favas.

      2. I "third" the suggestion for lamb, which is perfect for spring. Serve with spring peas with proscuitto and a nice asparagus risotto. Would be a great lead into the panna cotta

        1. I LOVE lamb but am always surprised at how many people don't like it.

          But if everyone does like it, it is very "spring".

          I guess veal would be another option but that's got it's own set of issues.

          New potatoes, asparagus, sugar snap peas are all good. Purple potatoes (or a mix of colors) are fun.

          Salad with a spring mix, snow peas and a few berries is an easy starter.

          1. I really have to agree with the lamb, our favorites are either lamb chops or a crusted rack of lamb. Home made mint sauce is a must, fingerling parsley buttered potatoes and a mixed veggy of brocolinni, green beans and sugar snap peas in the pod. Wonderful!!

            1. Morels, peas, asparagus. A risotto or a pasta perhaps?