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Mar 18, 2008 09:46 AM

Does anyone have anything good to say about Viking (rangetops and ovens)?

I've been reading and reading all the threads on ovens and rangetops hoping to find more supporters of Viking. It seems like most of the people that post have had serious problems! I am currently selecting all new appliances for a newly built kitchen. I am mainly going with GE monogram for most things including a built-in sxs fridge, advantium 120 and convection wall oven.( I just saw they had a price increase and am going to end up paying 1000 more for all items because I waited a month) However, I am leaning heavily towards the VIking 6 burner open burner gas rangetop and 2nd under the counter Viking convection oven. First I thought I would go with Thermador of my second under the counter oven, but am drawn towards viking.( Both the Thermador and Viking had 4.7 cu ft capacity as opposed to the GE which was as 4.4. I want one oven to be big enough for a Turkey. ) Maybe it is because we have two showrooms in my area and I can't believe that a company that has had so many complaints would still be in business (thriving actually) if it hasn't done something right. Does anyone have anything good to say about the open burner rangetop and convection oven from Viking or should I go with the GE mono rangetop and thermador oven. I have ruled out Wolf, Dacor and Miele because of Price. The Viking $ are decent here and match the GEMONO. Also I know the difference between the open and sealed. I think the open may have better flame, anyone think there is a real difference?

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  1. I own a Viking 36" 6 sealed burner rangetop fitted for propane with a 42" Viking Pro wall hood fitted with a 600 cfm motor. All installed about 3 years ago.

    I had looked at all the major prosumer products. One thing I really like about the Viking rangetop is that all the burners have the same BTU range so there is no juggling for an appropriate spot for high or low cooking. The Varisimmer allows you to reduce the heat to a low simmer although touchy due to the manual method or turning down the gas to the lowest point. No double ring or the annoying on and off click of the Thermador. I have not had a problem with the rangetop to date.

    The hood works well and is easy to use and clean. Rheostat on lights and exhaust motor allow smooth control of each feature. If I had it to do over I would have gone with a larger remote motor to decrease the noise factor when it's on high. I've had the hood serviced once. The exhaust baffle/flapper that closes when the motor is off got stuck in the open position due to grease build up and made a terrible noise. It was serviced once and has not happened again.

    Bottom line. I'm happy and have had only a minor problem with the hood that was fixed. I do get some repeat firing of the electronic ignition with the rangetop but that appears to be related to gunk build up and from post here at CH it's a common problem with all brands.

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      That sounds like what a lot of Viking customers would say -- the stuff is generally finished off quite well, has a fairly large network of service people and offers features that are appealing.

      There are far more owners of Viking appliances that have NEVER been online than there those that have complaints/issues -- it is easy to loose sight of that fact. The reality is that Viking has done more to popularize the look of professional style appliance finding their way to homes than any other firm.

      Other companies have focused on increasing performance and/or offering better value. Competion is a good thing.

      Finally, on the issue of a 4.7 cu ft oven vs a 4.4 unit the only thing that matters when you are that close is do the pans you prefer fit in the oven the way you prefer -- typically the placement of the window on the oven door is all that is different. You oven may require that you turn the pan 90 degrees -- hardly the difference between a holiday feast and fast food. You should check that out with your own pan before you over spend...

    2. Jfood owns the Viking six burner drop in propane with the knobs on the right side and he LOVES it. The simmer is a true simmer without that crazy ring or on/off clicking and the high burner can crank it up nicely without blowing up the house. The only downside is there is a clicking noise sometimes when one burner is on about medium and the one next to it, the igniter will ping for a few minutes. Other than that jfood would buy again in a nano-second.

      The GE Monogram Oven. Jfood would give this up in a minute (he thinks it was made by Braun when he purchased a few years ago). The thing takes a year and a day to heat up and when jfood called GE he was told that was normal because he has the sealed version. Jfood would never buy a non-sealed due to clean-up issues. And the fan blows out the top and mrs jfood is 5' and every time she walks by it, she gets a blast of hot air coming out of the machine.

      The jfoods had a Dacor in the last house and loved it and mrs jfood has threatened that on one of jfood's trips she is going to replace the double oven with the Dacor while he's away.

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        I'm curious -- was your Dacor fueled by natural gas or by LP? I'm on the verge of buying a Dacor gas cooktop and downdraft ventilation, but all we have here is LP. I chose the Dacor because it seems to be one of very few in that price range that comes factory-built for LP; others all require a conversion kit that results in the loss of up to 1/3 of the BTUs.

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          sorry, jfood had electric in both ovens

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            I know that this is always a confusing topic.

            Burning an equal volume of natural gas and LP would result in LP having MORE energy, but also requiring MORE air. To effect a "conversion" some manufacturers simply restrict the volume of LP that is flowed as the air volume might not be sufficient if the stove has an older design.

            I don't think there is really any part of quality range that needs to be "factory built" for LP -- adjusting both the gas volume & air volume ought to be something that can be accomplished "in the field" and should result in NO loss of heat OUTPUT -- how they measure the "input volume" of the gas may be a separate issue.

            I know that BlueStar claims their LP stoves deliver the some amount of heat regardless of fuel:

        2. I've had my Viking Range and 600 CFM hood for five years. I had some minor issues that were covered under warranty in the first year. Last year I broke the glass on the oven door. The really fantastic thing about Viking is that it is a modular system. So if you are even reasonably mechanicly inclined you can do your own repairs. On some brands I would have needed a new door or worse. As long as the cook top you are considering has all the burners operating at the same CFM then I would go Viking. However some of their newer cook tops do not and they have weird burner configerations. The low flame feature on the Viking is incredible. I would not hesitate for a second to buy another Viking range and honestly I don't think I could live with out a Viking hood system.

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          1. re: Docsknotinn

            Thanks for the positive feedback. I've been getting more posts from the folks over at Gardenweb too. It really helps giving me the confidence I need to make this purchase. I am pretty sure that I will be getting the 6 burner open burner rangetop. I'm still deciding on either the Thermador or Viking convention oven for the the under the counter oven.

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              I have a Viking DGSU 5- burner: each one is a different BTU range. That is the one thing I would love to change, preferring the higher BTU burners. They all have Vari-simmer, so virtually no reason for teeny burners. Everything else is very good and I would not hesitate to buy a Viking cooktop again. KitchenAid 600 CFM hood, because it fit our space too perfectly. Oh, and TONS less expensive than the Viking, and fine quality.

            2. Did you check consumer reports?
              I did. I was all set to buy the Viking 36", Viking Refrigerator, which they rated very well and the Viking convection/microwave.
              Now, I am depressed and more confused than ever.
              I started my own post to beg for help. Wanting a Dual Fuel Range.

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              1. re: scotlandyard

                Why are you depresed? The viking range is a fanytastic product. The viking fridge is made by another company who sticks a viking label on it, the same with their dish machines that are made by Asko.

              2. The original comment has been removed