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Mar 18, 2008 09:41 AM

Dinner Near Dulles Tonight

Hello Fellow Chowhounds,

My sister in law is staying out at the Hilton Dulles Airport and I'd like to take her to dinner. What recommendations can you make for a nice dinner nearby? I don't mind driving into Herndon or a nearby town, but since I'm coming from DC, and the drive to get there will already be long, I don't want to add to the drive by dining at a location too far away.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Not sure what you're looking for, but here are some suggestions:

    Euro Bistro (Herndon)
    Thai Luang (Herndon)
    Jasmine Cafe (Reston, Lake Anne)
    Tortilla Factory (Herndon)
    El Pollo Rico (Herndon)

    The last two being the most casual/inexpensive.

    Reston Town Center is also nearby. If you want a place to stroll before/after dinner, Clyde's is a decent local chain there, and the Market Street Cafe at the Hyatt Town Center is good, but expensive.

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    1. re: Meg

      Thanks, you've given me something to work with here. If you were eating out tonight, which one of these places would you choose?

      1. re: janetdwms

        Depends what you and your sister in law are in the mood for. If you want to be able to stroll, shop or grab a drink at a bar before or after dinner, I'd go to the Town Center (there's also a McCormick and Schmick's there). If you want a different and more unique dining experience, I'd go to Euro Bistro. They're in a strip mall in Herndon, but now that they've expanded, it's more conducive to lingering over a liesurely meal without feeling like you're holding up a table. If you want a good inexpensive and casual meal, I'd go to Thai Luang or Tortilla Factory. El Pollo Rico is wonderful but pretty devoid of atmosphere.

      2. re: Meg

        The Ice House in Herndon is great also. On the pricey side so if money is an issue, don't go there.

        I really like the Euro Bistro, it has great German food which is hard to find in my opinion.

        1. re: 512window

          Can't believe I forgot the Ice House. Great raw bar and bartender (Dan).

      3. Ashburn- Mimi's Cafe- great atmosphere- big desserts! near dulles mall

        Ashburn- Anothai, fantastic Thai cuisine! (coupon on!
        )Ashburn- Callaloo- fantastic Jamaican food
        these are in the same plaza

        Lansdowne- off of Rt 7 Silk Road- Afghan cuisine- oh so good!

        I second Euro Bistro in Herndon- great German food.

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        1. re: Aphioni

          Lots of good food in Ashburn, but it adds another 15 minutes (in the opposite direction) to her commute from DC.

        2. Meg gave you a good list. To add a few:
          - Jimmy's in old town Herndon for more casual. More of a bar, but the food is exceptional for a bar - above average as a restaurant.

          - At Lake Anne, I prefer Cafe Montmartre over Jasmine, but both are good. Gives you an option anyway. To note, both are best in warm weather for al fresco dining - and either is a destination for us in warm weather months.

          - El Manantial is a nice hidden treasure of mediteranean food:

          - Sweet Basil Cafe - very good food. It has the drawback of also being in a strip mall, though I think Euro Bistro does a better job of helping you forget that once you're inside.