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Mar 18, 2008 09:38 AM

Eat on Sunset?

I am thinking about Eat on Sunset for a pre-show (5:30 p.m.) dinner this Friday. Has anyone eaten there? What do you think?

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  1. I've been a couple of times, though not recently. Nothing mindblowing, but I always had enjoyable meals. It's an attractive place, but has a bit of a dated "hip and cool four years ago" feel to it. Our service was always spot on and the wine list had some great picks if you like California and Oregon reds. Not an innovative menu, but I recall having some sort of lamb dish that I quite enjoyed. Expect new-american cuisine executed fairly well. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try if you are in the area, or are in a pinch for a nice dinner without a reservation. I was able to get a table on Friday night at 8 no problem, which is a rarity, although perhaps this can be explained by the "no-mans land" feel of its location.

    1. Isn't it EAT.? -- don't forget the (.)

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        Will the (.) make the food taste better?

      2. I've been once and didn't feel like it was worth it to go back. (It's a bit out of the way for me) I remember that my duck was overcooked. Not a horrible experience, not a memorable experience.

        1. Matt hit the nail on the head with "hip and cool four years ago." But it's still pretty solid for before show at Pantages. Wicked, I presume?

          At that hour ask to be seated on the patio which is really nice.

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            Thanks for the info on the patio. I will definitely ask to be seated there.

          2. I've been chowhounding for years and rarely post, but after tonight's experience, I feel compelled to share my experience here with you guys.

            I went with a group of 6 tonight for dinner. We were promptly seated but, as became the theme, we were not attended to for quite a least 10 minutes. Our drinks took another 10-15 minutes after ordering to arrive. My girlfriend had the sangria, which was actually pretty good...just the right amount of citrus sweet/sour to complement the wine without overpowering it. The same can't be said of my bloody mary. There was so much lime (and irritating CHUNKS of lime) that I could barely taste the tomato juice or the vodka. And forget about Tabasco or other spice...if they were there, they were completely somehow hidden in the lime.

            For our appetizers, we shared the french fry trio, the fried olives, and the macaroni and chesse. The french fries were the best of the three; they were presented in three heaping cups (coffee cup size) with wax paper holding in each of the three preparations: standard fries, sweet potato fries, and garlic fries. All were fried to a satisfying light crisp, and all had just the right amount of respective flavor. They were served with three dipping sauces on the side: a spicy ketchup and two creamy (mayonnaise-based?) ones. The ketchup was overbearing and tasted like cocktail sauce, while the creamy ones added almost nothing to the fries. I enjoyed the fries on their own (without the sauces). The mac and cheese was middling and was almost too salty. In its defense, the cheese was actually pretty subtle (I'm not sure what kind was used...perhaps a havarti) and the dish was baked to a satisfying crisp on top. The fried olives were simply terrible; an unnecessarily salty experience (even for olives!) served with "lemon mayo" which is more accurately described as "just plain mayo".

            And then the entrees came. I had the steak, which I ordered medium rare. I think I would have enjoyed the filet had it not been prepared medium to medium well (and a little dry; no juice, no blood). The best part was the garnish; lightly singed brussel sprout leaves rich in flavor. There was also a tiny amount of unremarkable mashed potatoes to one side.

            My girlfriend had the "crispy skin chicken breast". The chicken also was a little on the dry side. What struck both of us was how gamey the meat tasted. It kind of tasted like the smell of raw chicken...very unappealing. This was surrounded by a few braised vegetables, far too many halved pearl onions (I didn't think there could be such a thing until tonight), and a carrot puree. The entire dish was destroyed with too much salt. Surprisingly, the salt didn't overpower the chicken's gaminess, but it pretty well ruined the vegetables.

            I had an ice wine while the rest of the crew had dessert (I sat dessert out; I'd had enough of this place).

            Bill Time:
            They charged us $9 for the "$6 Happy Hour Sangria Carafe". When I questioned the manager, she condescendingly replied "Oh I'm sorry, but was it served here at the table? Because that price applies only to the lounge." Nowhere on the menu does it indicate where that price is valid, or even that more than one price exists for it! I'm happy to pay $9 for what turned out to be the best part of the meal, but why not clearly indicate this? And they took another 15 minutes to actually collect the money from us and return the card.

            To my fellow chowhounders: there are much, much better food options in the area for the money. The lounge is nice and I'd meet people here for drinks, perhaps before or after a show, but that's it.

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              Given the total lack of attention on this board, I would venture to guess you fellow CH'ers already avoid this place.

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                Yeah, the happy hour in the lounge is a good deal -- can't beat $3 wine and the fried calamari and olives are pretty good. But since you never hear anything about the rest of the food, I think this may be one of the outposts that the Patina Group gives less attention to.

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                  i have not eaten at the one on sunset, but the one on magnolia in north hollywood is awesome! i dont know if they do the same things, but the food was innovative and delicious. they utilized more variety of fruit in a fruit bowl than anywhere else.