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Mar 18, 2008 09:36 AM

Are my shrimp still ok to eat?

I bought a bag of frozen cooked and deveined shrimp on Sunday that were defrosted same day. They were out on ice for pickin' for maybe 2 hours before they were put into container and put in the fridge. I had two and they do not tast or smell bad but a few coworkers have me a little nervous...they all have had bad shellfish and have just shared their horror stories.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. I wouldn't take the chance on them, myself. Shellfish can be difficult and persnickety when it comes to food borne illnesses.

    1. As many know jfood is sorta the voice of conservatism on these boards so it is of no surprise that jfood would toss them.

      OK Mr Sam, jfood is waiting.

      1. Sunday to Tuesday? in the fridge? The nice part of fish is that they develop an ammonia smell when they are bad - same goes with shrimp... The other thing that happens to shrimp is they start to become less 'firm'. I would not classify shrimp in the same page as oysters, clams or mussels - I've seen them go bad with no real warning, but never shrimp. I have to say that I like really fresh shrimp - just off the boat fresh and there is no comparison to what is bought frozen.
        And as some know, I'm the one who sounds bacteria warning when I think something is not that good.

        1. Lets see... Pre-Cooked, frozen, and deviened...that's about as far away form Fresh shrimp as you can get. Assuming they were thawed/defrosted properly, were on ice for two hours, have been refrigerated since...they taste, and smell ok...Hmmmm! Enjoy a shrimp salad, shrimp cocktail, etc for dinner...I would. Just use common sense good judgement...If YOU aren't comfortable with them...then you know what to do.

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            I agree. You are not looking at them like seafood at this point, but rather a cooked protein which in my house can go 4 days in a nice cold fridge.