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Mar 18, 2008 09:31 AM

Porsche knives - any user reviews?

I took some knives in to be sharpened today, and was browsing through the store's selection. Been ages since I've bought a knife, but it was fun handling them and seeing what a visceral reaction the feeling of one in one's hand can provoke.

Anyway, they carry Porsche knives, which I'd never seen before. Japanese steel, with a bizarrely shaped, horizontally oriented handle. I have to say, it felt really good in my hand!

A 6-in. chef's knife was running about 55 euros. Would love to hear from anyone who's used one -- worth it? How do they compare to Henckels (my trusty 10-in chef's knife war-horse is a Henckels)?

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  1. haven't used them. just googled it. it looks wicked.

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    1. re: trymonlam

      Doesn't it, though? I have the feeling I could be busted for "cooking concealed" if I used it!

    2. I have used them. Little button is a nice arty-functional part of the grip. I think the actual steel is MAC or Global. Holds up well. If 55 euro equals $134 that seems to high by about half, but I have no idea what a Henckels would cost on sale in Europe...

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      1. I love mine. I started with their small chef. And then got a satoku. The grip never slips. It is like it sticks to the inside of your palm. The edge keeps really well. (but i am spoilt by my lovely larch wood end grain cutting board). And did you see how the balance on their edge well hadle. So cool. I keep my knife on my board!

        1. Anything designed by the Porsche Design Group is in a 911 class of its own.

          1. Hi Kelly,

            I purchased the Porsche 10 inch chef's knife several years ago while in France. I like it and put it about on par with my Wustof and Henckels knives. And it always gets comments from first time visitors in my kitchen. Someone even jokingly asked me if I got it when I was a knife thrower in the circus. :-)