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Mar 18, 2008 09:26 AM

drinks at Centro - food recs?

a couple friends and I plan to have drinks downstairs at Centro next week. there haven't been too many recent comments about Centro, the ones I found seemed positive (for drinks, I didn't focus on dinner). does anyone have recommendation for appetizers or something we could share? not looking for a full meal, just a snack or two to go with our beverages. the cocktails menu also looks good, if anyone has thoughts on these, please comment as well.

other than Centro, what other places are in the Y&E area (easily accessible by subway) that are good for drinks? I mostly think of restaurants where one would eat a full dinner. spacco? mirabelle? we may be making this a regular event... thanks!

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  1. Centro used to have a tapas/dim sum menu, but it's not on the website anymore. It was good, and fairly reasonable. The current selection seems pricey by comparison. The cheese trays seem reasonable, though.

    Mirabelle is definitely fun for drinks, and there are a couple of couch areas that work well. Good bar menu of nibblies as well. Also fun is La Coquine, on Yonge at Manor, which is done up as a bar/bistro with lots of open space and very good food.

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      Coquine sounds good, I love the French bistro ambiance. It's now on my list to check out. thanks!