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Mar 18, 2008 09:25 AM

What are you making for Easter dinner?

Though I've already ordered our ham (Harrington's of Vermont- I encourage everyone to try their products!) I'm looking for side dish ideas. By demand of my in-laws, I always make deviled eggs, but I'm looking for side dishes to go with the sit-down portion of our meal.
What special 'Easter-only' dishes do you serve your family? Are there some that you truly love, or just that you do out of obligation (see deviled eggs above). Anybody willing to share recipes of old favorites?

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  1. unfortunately, the aunt who cannot cook hosts easter dinner. we're in for ham, polish sausage (a family tradition as my polish grandmother used to host easter dinner before she passed), mashed potatoes, some boxed potato concoction (involving powdered cheese, i'm sure), plain boiled vegetables, more than likely a jello/marshmallow/cool whip "salad" (no joke, she considers this part of the fruits & veggies food pyramid serving - because she puts apples or oranges in it), and probably store bought cake.

    if it were me, i would have cured my own ham, and my husband would have grilled a garlic studded leg of lamb; i would have attempted to hunt down some early tender greens; i would also create a new coconut cake recipe (same polish grandma used to make a lamb shaped coconut cake every easter); not sure what else i would have made - been too busy wallowing in self pity to think about it. ;)

    1. Easter is when we celebrate our "Polish/Ukrainian" heritage- we have a nice leg of lamb, a ham, both smoked and fresh keilbasi, stuffed cabbage with nana's special cream sauce, lots of veggies and cole slaw to keep with the cabbage theme!

      1. Rabbit braised in belgian beer with veggies and apricots. Served on a platter with hardboiled eggs

        Cheese frittata with herbs

        Farro salad with dried fruit

        Fresh garden salad (maybe a fattoush) with roast asparagus

        A Pavlova with seasonal fruits or a fruit galette

        1. I serve a scalloped potato dish w/blue cheese. The blue goes so well w/the ham! Also serve roasted asparagus - simple but yummy.

          1. going to the always interesting in-law family (could be taco bake and cold ham sandwiches).

            I a bringing Greek Potatoes (roasted fingerlings, loads of garlic/evoo/lemon juice/oregano/butter). So, I know there's something there tasty.
            I will probably also make some deviled eggs sine I bought too many last week.