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Mar 18, 2008 08:58 AM

Looking for really good chocolates in western suburbs of Phila.

Hi, Chowhounds...I'm in Malvern, and I'm wondering if there are any good chocolate shops nearby, along the lines of The Chocolate Box in Lambertville (NJ). I've seen listings for Eclat in West Chester, and Christopher Chocolates in Newtown Square, but have never been to either. Any recommendations? Obviously I can order online from Teuscher, Vosges, etc., but I'm looking for a solution when one has an IMMEDIATE chocolate craving. Thanks!

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  1. Eclat chocolate is great. I haven't visited the WC store but have purchased them at Fork in Old City.

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      Eclat and Vosges are both available at DiBruno's near Rittenhouse too, as are a number of other high-end chocolates.

      Teuscher has a store in the Bellevue but on our last visit there we walked out after five minutes without being helped, as the manager was apparently unwilling to help the one employee wait on customers.

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        I guess while we're listing Center City chocolate options...

        Andro's (21st / Pine) carries Leonidas (Belgian), which is OK but not the best brand coming out of Belgium.

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          And the marquis and orionoco chocolates are great at Naked Chocolate. Also, (albeit not haute chocolate), those peanut butter and chocolate covered pretzel's at Mueller's in Reading Terminal are pretty good too.

    2. Go to Eclat immediately, they're some of the best chocolates I've ever had in my life.

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        Thanks to all, but especially Buckethead -- I'm going to stop in at Eclat tomorrow. I wanted to find a _really_ close place, so it's good to hear positive things about Eclat. (On the other hand, I'm astonished that I've missed hearing about Naked Chocolate before now, and will DEFINITELY be giving it a visit, soon!)

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          Get some caramels, Jeffrey Steingarten recently called them the best in the world. I don't know about that, but they're really good. They also had a mint chocolate there recently that was fantastic.

      2. Zwahlen's in Audobon has some excellent truffles. THank you.

        1. It's not very close to Malvern, but the best Chocolate west of Phila is
          Neuchatel Chocolates. It is in Oxford, just head south on Rt1 and exit at Rt 10 in Oxford, head north about 300 yards and turn left. You can check out their web site

          1. Sweet Ashleys in Royersford is another nice local place. The owner/family were very nice & friendly too.

            (and I had delicious pancakes at the place next door!)