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Mar 18, 2008 08:55 AM

Longhorn's Steakhouse Brown Bread

Does anyone have a recipe for this wonderful bread or something very similar. This is the bread they bring you out with the whipped butter before your meal.

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  1. Longhorn doesnt have brown bread. Outback does. Longhorn is a whole grain honey wheat and I know this because I am FOH Trainer.

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      ok, my mistake, I am looking for the recipe for "the brown bread" called Whole Grain Honey Wheat ;-) can you help me?

      What is FOH ??

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        I'm sorry, but you are not exactly correct. The type of bread or rolls at these restaurants depend on the area. In some areas, Outback has the dark brown loaf of bread just like many Longhorn locations have. In other areas, Outback has the rolls with the cinnamon butter. In other areas, they have a different type of rolls.

        I KNOW this because I used to travel a LOT and had been relocated many times by my employer.

      2. chelleyd01, I think I found a decent one here, please let me know if you think it is similar.

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          Jim, did you ever try out this recipe? I love the fact that this bread (from Long Horn) is whole grain, and furthermore, it truly is filling!

        2. This may not help but if you have a diergergs grocery store in your area. They sell this "take and bake" whole grain bread that is a dead ringer for the awesome bread they have at longhorn!

          1. Jimbosoxo4,I know exactly which bread you are talking about because my family loves it,too!Iin fact,sometimes when we go there(which is not very often -too expensive to fee a family of 5)I try to buy 2-3 loafs to take home!I wrap it up in plastic wrap and then when we want some we can cut a certain amount off or if it's for dinner we simply heat it in the oven on a lower setting(so that it doesn't get too crisp).It tends to stay softer if you use the microwave but remember to start out on a shorter time because,just as you don't want it to turn crispy in the oven,you also don't want it to get too soft in the mic..I live in N.Kingsville,Ohio and when we do go we either go to Menter,Ohio or Erie,Pa..Both are delish! I'm sorry that I don't have a recipe for you,though.I've just been trying to figure out exactly what kind of bread that it is since my doc.would prefer I eat darker bread(I'm a carb. addict by genetics!lol)and that round loaf that they set berfore us before dinner is like gone in 2 minutes!lol So,I'm hearing diff.types of what it is but it seems the majority that are the ones,like us,whose local Longhorn has this round bread,point towards a whole grain.Now just to pick the right brand in the grocery store!UGH!I hope you get the recipe that you are looking for! Good luck!

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              I started with the Outback Steakhouse Honey Wheat Bushman Bread recipe that you find everywhere and tweaked it to my liking for a bread machine. Here's a link to the recipe:


            2. Not familiar with Longhorn's bread but this recipe is very close to the one served at Outback.