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Mar 18, 2008 08:43 AM

Paramount ain't

Went to Paramount Fine Foods on Crestlawn (Dixie and Eglinton. Had a felafel and kefta kebob. Wholesome and OK, but not good. OK only because so much middle eastern cooking in Toronto bad. Paramount was also overpriced by about 20-25%.

The felafel. Suffered mostly from imbalance. The pita was too small, the felafel balls too big. The "salad" was meager and perfunctory. All this accentuated the boring flavouring of the felafel balls, and they became a chore. $3.99 plus tax

The kefta kebob was better spiced but it still came across as just ground meat with some spice; no real skill. Again the imbalance problem, but for the money the pita should have been bigger and there should have been more kebob. Also the whole thing should have been better. Also the salads. The nothing "salads" were a real disappointment. There was no attempt made.

For much better and cheaper felafel in a similar (Lebanese) style, see Nabil, on Lawrence east of Victoria Pk. For kebob, Sofra Grill on Dufferin north of #7. At Sofra you MUST ask that the kebob not be overcooked.

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  1. There's a better place down the street on Eglington, East of Tomken, North Side called (I think) Pita Grill.

    1. Vinnie,

      Agreed, the whole operation on that side of the store is lacklustre. But all resto's have their specialties, and shawarma/falafel is not Paramount's.

      They are a bakery first and foremost, just take one glance through the glass partition at the operation in the back. Next time you're in the area, go to the other side of the store where the sweets are displayed and order their pizza's. They are not really pizza's, but flatbreads with toppings such as cheese, meat, spinach, or some type of combo. I recall some with egg as well. They are amazing and baked to order in the same oven that produce their freshly baked pita, of which I urge you to grab a bag or two on the way out.

      You'll be tempted by the baklava, but take a pass...nothing special.

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      1. re: fresh_clean

        Agree but differ about the sweets--first rate IMHO with flavour(orange+rose water) and not just tooth-rotting sweetness+stale nuts on offer almost everywhere else. Vinnie should go back during the summer when the food improves markedly and the patio's open.