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Mar 18, 2008 08:42 AM

Aji amarillo peppers, anyone?

Does anyone know where I buy fresh aji amarillo peppers in NYC? Or maybe where I can get them in NYC or the internet dried?
Thank you!

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  1. There is a lady who sells spices in the Grand Central Station food market who might have these dried. I was able to get several types of peppers that I was not familiar with from her.

    1. I have seen aji peppers at a stand in the Union Square market that only sells peppers, all different varieties. I would doubt they are there at this time of year though, not sure.

      1. I have seen these at the uptown Fairway but do not know if they have them now. You could call them and ask.

          1. re: Rmis32

            i buy ajies, amarillos y rojos, at a bodega right on the kingsbridge road stop of the 4th train in the bronx (around 190 and jerome). however, have you checked for example the C-Town supermarket at Avenue C and 10th? I've seen fresh ajies there, they dont' look as good as the ones in the bronx but if you live downtown, you should check it out.

          2. The original comment has been removed