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Mar 18, 2008 07:41 AM

What Happened to Rein's? (Vernon, CT)

Through another discussion forum, I have heard that Reins' NY Deli, our favorite stop between NY and all points in New England, has changed names and owners. Can anyone confirm this for me? Is the food as good and quick for an upcoming roadtrip, or do I need to venture further?

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  1. Its still there. I just called to see if they are opened and they are. Not sure who said they closed, but it is not true. They did open a second deli in West Springfield, MA now. Jay

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      I think I stopped breathing when I read the headline....

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        Holy Cow...I'm with you...big article in the Courant today on closed restaurants...

    2. Rein's New York Deli Express opened in downtown Springfield, MA in the fall of last year. Didn't do well and closed last month (Feb. 08). This is probably what you are referring to. It is also my understanding that the Rein's that opened up in West Springfield, MA. is not receiving favorable reviews; havent been there- only have heard this thru word-of-mouth and a local "dining out" forum. I do frequent the original Rein's in Vernon, CT. and have always had quality meals.

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        Rein's is my constant and necessary stop between New Haven and York, ME. It is wonderful and must never close. Just don't eat there-- get a loaf of the rye bread to take home.

        I went to Katz's in downtown New Haven some time ago and was reminded anew how lucky we are to have Rein's in the otherwise deli-desert known as CT.

      2. In February, I stopped at Reins in W. Springfield and was very disappointed. We'd been there before and while not as good as Vernon, it was pretty good. This time, they had a new menu, much more diner like and very little ny deli food. Brisket only on Sunday. No first cut corned beef, no borscht. To top it off, the service was bad. We won't return!