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Mar 18, 2008 07:32 AM

Vegas "Family" Neighborhood type dining

I've been reading lots about the new/and or upscale restaurants in Vegas and my head is spinning. I would love to hear about some good family "neighborhood" type restaurants from some of the locals, perhaps a short trip from the strip. We will be there next week and would love to have some recommendations. Even some in Henderson, NV. Would love to hear from you. Many thanks.

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  1. more details please price a concern ? you say family you mean toddlers, teens ? give examples of types of places you've been any specific cuisines. you mention henderson - are you going to be in henderson ? breakfast ? lunch ? dinner ?

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      Kjs, We will be 6 adults, no children, and all cuisines are fair game. I have a niece who just moved to Henderson but we will be staying on the strip. Will have a car for a few days. We are interested in breakfast, lunch and dinners. Since we live close to NY city we frequent some high-end restaurants but especially enjoy "neighborhood" places that have decent food at reasonable prices, That is what I have in mind for Vegas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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        In Henderson, there a few new options on Eastern Ave. just off the 215 between Serene & Silverado Ranch. There is The White Chocolate Grill, Grimaldi's & Pin Kaow Thai to name a few. Road Runner has been good in the past, which is north of these other locations on Eastern as well. However, the past 2 times it has been less than memorable...
        I Love Sushi or The Ka for Japanese.
        (not sure if this will interest you as you have easy access to the original, but it may be interesting if you'd care to compare the two


        I have more rec's too if needed. Enjoy!

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          Very interested in this post as our family will be there the beginning of April. We aren't all foodies as I have a 21 yr old and 13 yr old with us. They or my husband do not eat gourmet food. We have both the above places in Phoenix, but might never get to them. Might give them a try in Vegas.

          Any good medium price Steakhouses? I almost hate paying $40 plus for a steak. I just worry about the tenderness of steaks at cheap places or those steak specials you see.

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          breakfast - ( most of these4 are on the west side of town ...some are chains )
          hash house a go-go - i like the creative hash dishes and benedicts ..pancakes ...bigger than a full sized dinner plate ...share
          maple tree - nice home-y place
          original pancake house ( there's one ingv station in hendeson )
          blueberry hill ( cut above denny's )
          hash house ( not related to hash house a go-go )
          omelet house ( several locations ) ...big portions !
          peppermill - a las vegas institution ...nostalgic ...big portions !

          for lunch - in n out burger ( fast food but good stuff ) ..several locations. local deli's - sammies only - capriotti's ...very good - several valley locations. siena deli - italian, minuto's - also italian. drive down spring mtn and you've got 50 asian restaurants to choose from within 2 miles of the strip. crown and anchor - tasty fish and chips.

          some places that are lunch/dinenr worthy -
          italian - nora's, bootlegger bistro, ventano's ( highly recommend for dinner in henderson )

          pizza - grimaldi's ( mentioned ), metro several locations the trop and also the green valley locations are nice., settebelo's - henderson.

          steak - someone mentioned orleans - good idea...especially if you like prime rib , circus-circus ....not bad...

          also someone mentioned eastern corridor ...there are about 10 places to hit off the 215 fwy ...if you eat in that area consider dessert at the cupcakery or freed's bakery . other ideas in henderson - for high end at reasonable prices - todd's unique ...

          we've got the various michoagan restaurants for mexican food -

          whew ...i know there are more but you'll need to ask specific questions ....

          happy eating !!

      2. Orelans Casino has a "medium priced" steakhouse that is very good ( Nora's has Italian food, is very good and is located at Flamingo and Jones. Also check out Viva Mercado at Rainbow and Spring Mountain. Rincon de Buenos Aires on Spring Mountan between Lindell and Decauter.

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          To me, a family-type resto is one with modest or medium prices with a large enough menu to appeal to a wide range of diners of all ages. In which case, I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned two medium-sized chains with branches in Las Vegas, the Cheesecake Factory and Millie's. I regularly get to Las Vegas for a week at a time, and as much as I enjoy Rosemary's and Todd's Unique Cuisine, occasionally I want something more basic for lunch or dinner. The Cheesecake Factory on The Strip is well-run, and particularly strong on soups, salads and sandwiches. I've never had a dud of a meal there. I've also has satisfying feeds at its branch in the city's northwest end. I've only been to the Millie's hard by the Sunset Station in Henderson, and have always enjoyed it, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their wines by the glass are quite well-priced, so much so that I'd hardly bother to take advantage of Millie's modest corkage on bring-your-own wine. Service is brisk, the setting attractive, the menu wide-ranging and nicely executed. Agreed, these places aren't neighbourly-type places run by local families - they're part of chains, after all - but the food's damn tasty and easy on your wallet. I also like Blueberry Hill for breakfast or lunch, which I regard as SEVERAL cuts above Denny's. For steaks, someone mentioned the steak house at the Orleans Hotel - right on! - and there's also an attractively-priced steak house at the South Point Hotel (NOT Michael's, which is the expensive steak house on the same premises, but the other steak house at the north end of the casino, the name of which escapes me). And for a decent lunch or light, healthy dinner, there's Sweet Tomatoes in Henderson, a cafeteria-type joint specializing in soups, a large display of salad ingredients and assorted other fixings at one modest flat price (seniors get a small discount). There's also a Sweet Tomatoes in northwest Las Vegas.

          1. re: juno

            Some good suggestions, however we do have a Cheesecake factory in Az along with Sweet Tomatoes. I prefer to dine some place I don't get a chance to here. Where is Millies? I did a search and only found them in CA

            1. re: Kari

              Sorry. I said Millie's, but I meant Mimi's, a vaguely French-style cafe at 596 North Stephanie St., almost at the corner of Sunset Rd. in Henderson. It's a stand-alone resto just about on the same property as the Sunset Station Casino Hotel's parking lot. But though I got the name wrong, everything I said about it is accurate. My son, who lives and works in that part of town, and doesn't have that much disposable income, swears by it for lunch, and often drops in with friends for dinner. It offers good value at its price point and some reasonably tasty cooking. You probably won't be thrilled, but you'll leave content, satisfied and feeling that all's right with the world - which is all you want from what is essentially a U.S. chain's version of a modest French bistro. I've been in a couple of other Mimi's Cafes in California, and find this one a tad better.

              1. re: juno

                Ah, ok, we have one of those here too.

        2. There's a couple of things you need to understand about Las Vegas. In general, all FAMILY entertainment is available only in casinos. That's right... in casinos. Want to see a movie? Go to a casino. Want to go ice skating, an arcade, bowling, a place to hold your child's birthday party? It's in the casino.

          No, really. I'm not kidding.

          For family dining, you need to go to a BAR. Village Pub, Putters, Steiner's, PT's, Timbers, Four Kegs, etc..

          If the thought taking your children into a saloon to have lunch doesn't sound appetizing, well... you can pick a chain. Applebees, Chilis, Olive Garden, IHOP, Marie Callendar's, Cocos etc..

          Think I'm kidding? I'm not. There are very, very few mom & pop restaurants in Vegas. Of the few that are, most are ethnic or breakfast/lunch only. I have yet to find mom & pop, family style restaurant at any price in this town.

          Seriously... try the bars.


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            You speak the truth, fellow Las Vegan. 75-80% of things to do, and places to eat that are fun and good, are inside casinos. It's something you CANNOT escape. But....Things -are- starting to change in that. Perfect example are 2 different "locals" areas in Vegas: Summerlin/newer areas off 215 and Tropicana, and the 215 Eastern Ave. in Henderson/Green Valley. Both areas are growing faster than I can keep up with, and the dining choices are getting more and more "family" in nature.(IE: not in a casino) Personally, since I live near the Eastern/215 area, I know alot more about the newer places there.

            Village Pub and Steiners have very good food, for being bars/pubs. Good enough to keep eating at, a few times a month for me.

          2. thanks to all of you who responded. There is lots to digest and I'm sure we will find reasonable places with decent food in which to eat from all of your suggestions.
            Does anyone know if there is an In N Out Burger place on or near the strip. I thought I saw something mentioned about one near the MGM?

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            1. re: bmgjrg

              yes - it's on the corner of tropicana and dean martin ....about 1 mile from mandalay bay ...can't miss it - the sign can be seen from the fwy ...a very large sign ! yes, it is a challenge to find family dining that is not in a casino or a tavern / bar that is not a chain ...but they exist ... i think ....most are breakfast / lunch only,. i guess the exception ...ethnic restaurants - chinese, italian, sushi, mexican, greek , etc

              1. re: kjs

                Kjs, you are the best! One of your other suggestions was Hash House a Go Go...where is that? Also, the Maple Tree? They sound very good for breakfast. One of the group is fond of egg benedict so I think the Hash House sounds like it would be great. Also, Ventano's in Henderson, do you have an address? Have you ever eaten there?

                1. re: bmgjrg

                  bm ...i'm a little offended ...if i haven't been there, i'll let you know ... as to the places you ask about ...come on partner ...use the internet's best friend !!




                  i like the crab benedict at maple tree ( my so loves it )

                  i admit, as to ventano's haven't been there since last summer, - try the lamb appetizer , shrimp on a rock app is also top notch ...beautiful view ....nice place

                  happy eating !!!

                  1. re: kjs

                    Kjs, I apologize if I inadvertently offended. I very much appreciate all the local suggestions and since I will be going to Vegas/Henderson area quite often I will have many opportunities to eat at the places on your lists. You know what you are talking about and I can't wait to try your suggestions. They are exactly what I was looking for, since I'm only an hour from NYC and can try all the upscale places there. Thanks again.

                    1. re: bmgjrg

                      just playing with you ....heck ..i look at all the places i've eaten at in the last year ...i even question myself if i ate at them all !!

                      make no mistake about it ...i love food ...i like virtually all cuisines at all price levels ....i enjoy the taco truck as much as the french laundry ....well maybe not that much ...but close !!
                      as honeychan mentions above, the eastern corridor off the 215 ( technically henderson but not old town henderson ) is overflowing with food options ...hope you'll have a chance to enjoy it ...i'm hitting it tomorrow !!

            2. I don't know if you're here already or this message catches you in time. I've come up with a list of family restaurants that I enjoy eating at that may interest you.

              For breakfasts:
              The Hash House
              2605 S Decatur Blvd # 103
              Las Vegas, NV 89102
              (702) 873-9479

              Tiffany's Cafe
              1700 Las Vegas Blvd S
              Las Vegas, NV 89104
              (702) 444-4459

              Jamms Restaurant
              1029 S Rainbow Blvd
              Las Vegas, NV 89145
              (702) 877-0749

              Ping Pang Pong
              (Inside the Gold Coast)
              4000 W Flamingo Rd
              Las Vegas, NV 89103
              (702) 367-7111
              Chinese breakfast and my idea of comfort.

              Maple Tree
              6000 Spring Mountain Rd # 1
              Las Vegas, NV 89146
              (702) 362-5151

              For lunches:
              Black Bear Diner
              6180 W Tropicana Ave
              Las Vegas, NV 89103
              (702) 368-1077

              BJ's Restaurant
              10840 Charleston Blvd
              Las Vegas, NV 89135
              (702) 853-2300
              (Right across the street from Red Rock casino.)

              Hot & Juicy Crawfish
              4810 Spring Mountain Rd
              Las Vegas, NV 89102
              (702) 891-8889
              This is my idea of comfort. Wear the bibs! Trust me on this one.

              Claim Jumper
              8040 Las Vegas Blvd S
              Las Vegas, NV 89123
              (In the parking lot of the outlet mall and across the freeway from Silverton Casino and the Bass Pro Shop)
              Portions are huge. Split a meal with your squeeze and save room for a late dessert.


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              1. re: shamu613

                Fantastic posts and replies !!! Was looking for family dinning info ffor vegas and this thread is what I found. I wil be there in 09 but had to say thanks to all that posted in 08 !!