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Mar 18, 2008 07:16 AM

Good Eats -- Beckley WV?

I am going to be spending the night in Beckley WV with my Mother, who has very fastidious tastes. (In other words, BBQ or drive-in burgers are out). Is there a place in this town to get a good dinner?

My Mom likes seafood (NOT CATFISH!), good oriental, well-prepared American. Loads o' fried food would not make her happy.


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  1. Probably not what you want for Dinner, but try the Tamerac Arts and Craft Center at the Beckley Turnpike Rest Stop for lunch. It is a upscale cafeteria with the food on steam trays but it is ran by the Greenbrier Resort and is quite good for cafeteria food. Beats the Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel and the other chains around the exit in Beckley. I don't know anything else to recommend in the Beckley area. You might want to consider to take a 25 to 30 minute drive up US 19 N to Fayetteville which seems to have a better selection of places due to the tourist trade going to the New River Gorge. I don't have any advice for there either, but I know there are some if you search the forum.

    1. When I used to visit Beckley regularly for work, the only really good place to eat there was a place called The Char. I remember it being great and a bit of an institution. Of course, this was years ago.

      1. My wife and I recently found ourselves in Beckley and stumbled on an excellent mexican restaurant, Rio Grande, on Rte. 19 north of town. It looks like your typical mall type place but the food was fresh and well prepared. We started out with guaucamole that was the best we ever had. My wife got a rice and bean burrito and I had three different enchiladas, chicken, beef and pork both of which were excellent. The owner and most of the staff are mexican and our server was very friendly and gave us good service. The prices were reasonable, too. We both had dinner (which included a beer for me) for about $20. It was an unexpected treat - we'll be back next time we're in the area.