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Mar 18, 2008 06:51 AM

Best Irish Pub/Restaurant in the Triangle

So I know I'm a little late on this one, since St. Patrick's Day was yesterday, but it got me thinking... who has the best Irish pub experience in the Triangle?

Some things to think about:
Food - most authentic/traditional Irish fare, quality, etc.
Beer - best selection of Irish brews, pulls a great pint of Guinness, etc.
Atmosphere - you feel like you're in Ireland
Service - staff are from Ireland (or at least fake a good accent), are friendly, attentive, etc.

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  1. I'm a fan of the Hibernian in Glenwood South --- especially as they now have the no-smoking room (on the corner). It's always had the most Irish feel about it, and is owned by an Irishman.

    Having said that, I haven't been to Ri-Ra since it became Napper Tandy's. So I can't really weigh in on it.

    Some of the food at Hibernian is hit and miss ---- and certainly not all is authentic. But they have a nice salad topped with steak and blue cheese. And a few other nice bits and pieces.

    1. I'm not sure if we have a best per se, but let's start by listing the ones I know of in Durham. There's the Joyce and Bull McCabe's as far as I know.

      Both are fine, but if I want a bar/pub dining experience I'm going to the Federal.

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        As far as food goes: Tir Na Nog in Raleigh is the best. However, it is crippled by the same facet that murders most places around here: horrible service. True Irish are very service-oriented, and this betrays their style. But Tir Na Nog sells the stuff that the "more affluent" of Dublin eat: boxty, etc. For good colcannon, boxty, etc., I'd eat there. The Joyce sells a decent fish and chips, has a good pint, and what-all. But Tir Na Nog has the good food.

        1. re: hungryphillip

          I have to agree with Phillip. They have some of the best food around.

          However, I actually know one of the bartenders (Colin) and as far as service goes...he is one of the best. The only time I've had poor service was during off-times (2-4pm).

          My only complaint is the's a bit too open and the painted scenes on the walls are pretty hokey.

          1. re: shrixer78

            Last time I was there, we left because of (lack of) service, but it was one of those busy Saturdays when there was something going on in Moore Square...............

            I also dislike the "decor"... it reminds me of what would happen it you decided to paint your basement to look like an Irish pub.