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Mar 18, 2008 06:28 AM

Suggestions for Burlington, VT area?

We're headed up to Burlington, VT (from North Carolina) this Easter weekend, having planned to visit several farms to see maple sugaring -- unfortunately, it looks like the weather will not be cooperating; with that in mind == any "must see, must do, must eat at" suggestions from those familiar with the area? It's a first-time trip for me; restaurant suggestions -- local, quirky, interesting, even dives -- are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. If in or very near downtown Burlington is the criteria, these are the standouts IMHO:

    Trattoria Delia
    Pulcinella's in South Burlington (across from the University Mall next to Small Dog Electronics....excellent food, and priced very reasonably)

    A Single Pebble

    Irish Pub:
    Ri-Ra (Yeah, a chain concept, but still, as "Irish" as you'll get in Vermont...but it's pub food, so if you go, it's for the beer and the fun atmosphere)

    Most of the rest of the restaurants on Church Street are overrated....Leunig's has a great atmosphere, but the food is really mediocre...

    American Flatbread (not my cup of tea, honestly, but everyone else likes it)

    Everything on this list is walking distance downtown EXCEPT Pulcinella's, which requires a car to drive one mile from downtown...

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      Actually, the weather is going to be decent (around 30 and fairly clear). If you give us a better idea of what you are looking for/ where you are staying/dining for coupleor family, etc., some more specifics can be offered.

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        In Colchester, not Burlington, but still great (coming to downtown soon) is Junior's for good pizza and great baked ravioli. :)