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romantic dinner with a picky eater?

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  • ajt13 Mar 18, 2008 05:49 AM
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He eats turkey, chicken, beef, pasta; conventional American/European cuisines, nothing frilly or fussy. Prefer a location below 34th Street and a price below stratospheric, say about $150 total for two.

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  1. Maybe Craft?

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    1. re: 180macd

      Easy. Vice Versa.

    2. i would stick with a simple italian or steak restaurant.

      1. You can try Perilla or Little Owl. While they may not necessarily fit into the "romantic" category, they are cozy and small and great for dates.

        For Italian, you can try Peasant, or Apizz.

        They will fit within your budget if you don't go crazy in drinks.

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          I was actually wondering about Peasant -- sounds about right.