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Mar 18, 2008 04:48 AM

Where can I buy Shane's of Maine ice cream?

I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Portsmouth a few weekends ago. For dessert we had ginger ice cream & green tea ice cream. Both were absolutely incredible. We were told it was from Shane's of Maine. I have been searching in vain to try and find where I can buy some, or order on line to no avail. Anybody know?

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  1. Call the Harvest Co-op in Central Square. I think I may have seen it there.

    Cambridge Store:

    581 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02139

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      I went to Co op expressly to buy shane's 2 weeks ago to make an icecream cake and couldn't find it there. I don't know if they're carrying it anymore.

    2. It was sold at Cold Rush in Melrose, which may be closed- I'm not clear if it's closed for good or just seasonally.

      1. The website says "Now Available in Mass", so I'd send them an email or call them and ask:

        Or - wait until March 30th and take a road trip -

        1. Give the Huron ave Formaggio a call. I know they carry the Shepard's Gate goat's milk gelato and I believe that last fall they had Shane's, but haven't been in recently. There was one other place I saw it a while back and thought about the board, but can't quite remember.

          1. As you can see from the posts below, it's "Shain's of Maine", so it might be easier to find now.

            It doesn't appear you can order online, but the distributor can probably help you track it down. Let us know if you find it!