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Mar 18, 2008 04:22 AM

Your Favorite Maple Syrup Shacks in CT

Looking to buy locally produced maple syrup grade B preferrably; in CT. I live in western CT but don't mind going for a sunday drive now and then. Thanks, Rich

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  1. We love one in RI, right near the CT border, Uncle Buck's on Church Street in Ashaway RI. The next town over from Westerly, 15 min from Mystic. He is a wonderful guy who has done it for years.

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      There is a great one in Old Lyme/Lyme area. They have the VERY best maple glazed popcorn. Bureau's sugar house. Really cool place

      1. re: ElizabethHenton

        They have kettle corn at Uncle Bucks also, it is sinful!!!! They also make maple sugar candy!

    2. I'll put in a word for Arlow's Sugar Shack at 101 Bushy Hill Road in Granby, CT. It's a pretty small operation. The reason I like them is that a few years ago, when I decided to tap my one and only maple tree, Arlow sold me the buckets, taps, filters and other supplies I needed and freely gave me advice about how go about tapping my tree and making syrup. They also welcome visitors to observe the boiling process in the sugar house.

      1. There is a nice one run by the Episcopal Camp and Nature Preserve in Ivoryton Ct
        they are only open on weekends

        this is somethign you might find useful