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Mar 17, 2008 10:38 PM

Miami Design District, Good Restaurant


I just moved to the design distric, but not familiar with the area. I'm planning to have a dinner celebration for my birthday. Any good recomendations? I'm looking for a nice place with good ambiance and food, to share with friends. I just went to Grass, the food was good, but the service was horrible...Please help!


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  1. Ummmm, Michael's perhaps?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Brosia is great for groups-there's a nice loungey area outside to meet, with comfortable couches, etc., where you can also order food. It's not as jam-packed as Michael's yet. Try the pork tenderloin

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          1. re: Miami Danny

            I went to its site and looks so beautiful. How's the food?

            1. re: herrim

              Here's a review
              I like Brosia for groups-the food's good, and it's a little more fun to meet here for drinks with friends because there's just more room, and the setting's beautiful. The food isn't as good as Michael's, but....well, I get tired of saying that...

          2. If you want something funky with live music later in the evening, try 190. It's edgy and the food is very good.

            190 Restaurant
            26 NE 54 St, Miami, FL, 33137


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            1. re: karmalaw

              With all due respect, and I was there on Friday night, 190 is not in the Design District by any stretch of the imagination.

              1. re: Miami Danny

                What's your definition of the border of the Design District?

                190 is certainly within a few blocks of anyone's definition.

                Don't forget, the "design district" itself was considered unsafe and downtrodden not that long ago. When I used to run an open mike night at Power Studios in the late 90's everyone thought I was crazy to be in the District after dark.

                1. re: karmalaw

                  It's in Little Haiti-nothing to be ashamed of. The DD stops at 43rd, tops, that's 11 blocks, and a million miles away, as we used to say, from your reco. And you're talking 10 years ago. C'mon.
                  Even if you give it to 46th, where the old 190 was, that's more than 8 blocks. Sorry.

                  1. re: Miami Danny

                    Someone alert the Department for Repetitive Redundancy Bureau.

                  2. re: karmalaw

                    The Design District's own definition of its borders are 36th Street on the south and 41st Street on the North.


                    54th Street is 13 blocks away which is rather more than most folks' definition of "a few" - and a pretty significant difference given the neighborhood.

                    Other than "very good," can you give any more detail on what kind of food, etc. at 190? Funky, edgy, and live music are all great, but what can I eat?

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      okay..among the things you can eat include my favorites:: a tasty duck confit salad appetizer and a very nicely done steak and frites (the perfectly crispy -- not overcooked - herbed french fries.. known in Argentina as papas fritas provencal -- are addictive)..

                      And, argue all you want about the borders of the design district -- no one I know in real life who wanted to eat in the design district would balk at the very few blocks.. it's not like we're talking a 15 minute ride and 43 turns to get there.

                      Yes -- if you require homogenized and pasteurized type places to feel safe, 190 and its neighborhood are not for you. But, if you like flavor and a nice dose of reality to go with your edge -- 190 is your kind of place.

                      To repeat (for thse who approve of redundancy): 190 and its neighborhood are NOT for everyone.

                      I, for one, am thankful for that.

                      When the original 190 opened, which was NOT eons ago -- but a mere 5 -6 years ago or so, there were those who were afraid to go -- too bad for them becaise they missed out on a much loved miami institution.

                      1. re: karmalaw

                        I'd always heard good things about the food at 190 but we went for a brunch once that was underwhelming. Sounds like it merits another try.

                        But as for this -
                        *no one I know in real life who wanted to eat in the design district would balk at the very few blocks.*
                        - I have lived in South Florida all my life and there is absolutely no way in hell I would walk from the Design District to 54th St. after dark - not even if I heard they'd found a time machine and were going to have a cook-off between Jean Brillat-Savarin and Auguste Escoffier.

                        OP was looking for something in the Design District and is new to the area, and the suggestion that 190 is "within a few blocks" could easily create a seriously mistaken impression that it's a nice pleasant stroll there from the DD. I'm not saying that the place isn't worth a visit - only that OP should make sure they know where they're going.

                        BTW, I'm not sure that a place that was open for maybe a year, 2 max, that most people never even got to, can qualify as an "institution". But maybe the second incarnation will be.

                        1. re: Frodnesor

                          Here are a few takes on it:



                          meanwhile, I never suggested walking to the new 190... but, it's not like I haven't been around there at night either.

                          1. re: karmalaw

                            They were over at The Albion for a short period of time too

                            1. re: karmalaw

                              I'm a big fan of the idea of making good food and paying small rents to keep the costs down.

                              1. re: Frodnesor

                                And yet a full meal at 190 will cost about the same as a meal at Michael's. And 190 has no wine list. And the service can't compare. Look, if you could get a decent meal for less here, as opposed to some non-funky spot, I wouldn't argue-I'd send all my friends. But you can't. And while Alan is a good cook, he is no superstar chef yet, and he is not always in the kitchen, either. So if you want a funky vibe and to listen to a singer-songwriter strumming a guitar, this is your place. The food here is good, but certainly not revelatory.

                                1. re: Miami Danny

                                  Damnit, and here I thought that red stuff in a wine glass I was drinking at 190 was Malbec.

                                  I guess I was wrong.

                                  1. re: karmalaw

                                    I didn't say there was no wine, I said there was no list. If you are going to promote yourself as a winemaker, and charge $25 for steak frites, you should have a few bottles from which to choose. A printed sheet of paper with names of different wines on them, and their prices, handed to the customer for their perusal and choice. A tableau, as it were.

                          2. re: karmalaw

                            duck confit and steak frites... i don't know if i could go anywhere but michy's if i'm in the mood for those dishes. lol.

                            1. re: dmo305

                              I actually found the duck confit at Michy's dry when I went. Much preferred the one at Michael's, and found the accompanying elements much better as well.

                              1. re: mikek

                                I almost opted for the duck confit last night when I popped in for a quick bite but I instead opted for the hominy (based on some Chowhounder's recco previously) and the crispy beef cheek, which completed the "cheek cycle" for me. The hominy was a great snack. The beef cheek was good but probably my least favorite cheek of the bunch. I like the grouper cheek best followed by the pork cheek. The beef cheek did go great with a Left Hand Milk Stout though.

                    2. re: karmalaw

                      I went around it and didn't see it? Is it open everyday? Or only on weekends? How's the food?