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Mar 17, 2008 09:30 PM

RW - Tremont 647?

I went to Tremont 647 for RW dinner a couple of years ago, which was an okay experience. I thought I'd give it another try for lunch since they were giving away coupons for $5 off at the recent Taste of South End.

Has any hounds been there yet? Any recommendations?

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  1. My roommate went and said she really liked it. Enjoyed the lobster mac & cheese. That's all I've got.

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      Went last week with 3 other people and all enjoyed their meals. People on this board hate RW week, but we had a good experience. The highlights of the night were the entrees, which included: Braised Beef Short Ribs, blue cheese polenta, golden raisin & pine nut relish, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, collards, grilled biscuit, gravy, and Tsering's Samosas coconut curried lentils, bengali greens, spicy yogurt. It was my first time at Tremont 647 and plan on going back.

    2. A few coworkers and I went for lunch on Monday. We had a relatively good, albeit mixed, experience (and right up front, I'm not one to be opposed to RW on principle....I've had several very good experiences).

      As for Tremont 647, service was slow at first, but picked up once she actually took our order. The restaurant was also quite cold, even though the weather was fairly mild outside.

      Now on to the food: First off, the biscuits they brought to snack on were slightly hard and bland. I had the momos, which I was told are the signature appetizer, and they were quite good (and a generous portion for lunch). I sampled the chili, but wasn't too seemed bland....even a dash of salt would have helped. I had the lobster mac and cheese for my main course, and concur with the was the highlight for me. One coworker had the burger, and enjoyed it, and another was very impressed with the salmon. I had a bite of the salmon and had to had a wonderful smokiness to it. All of the portions were bountiful, and I would have to agree with drewames that the entrees constituted the highlight of the meal.

      Desert was where I was most disappointed. I had the apple cake. I don't know why I ordered it, b/c it wasn't my first choice (they changed the menu and removed the rhubarb crepes, which I had been looking forward to), but it turned out to be nothing more (imho) than a dry apple muffin with chunky applesauce dumped on top of it and a few nuts scattered around the plate. Bleh....I didn't bother finishing it. The best desert was, by far, the rhubarb cobbler....def go with that if you have the option. The chocolate pudding cake was good, but overly rich, and the consistency of oil.

      They gave away coupons for free momos in the future and $5 off another visit during RW. I think you can have a decent meal here, and I hope these suggestions help.

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      1. re: ziggles

        Thanks for sharing! You'd think they'd update their website if they were to change their RW menu, huh?

        I was planning on ordering:
        Foie Gras & Chicken Liver Pate
        tie between the salmon and the lobster mac & cheese
        Rhubarb Crepes

        Good to know that both the salmon and the mac & cheese are good choices, and that they nixed the Crepes. I've had their momos before, so I was interested in trying something different.

        Anyone tried their foie gras appetizer? How's their chicken parm?

        1. re: content

          Okay, we went on Friday. Appetizers were probably the best course - we shared the foie gras, zuchinni matchstick salad (light and refreshing), and their momos (4). Their salmon was too thin, so it dried out easily on the grill. The lobster mac & cheese was nothing special. I agree that the chocolate pudding cake was rather oily, gooey. It was served in a bowl and looked a mess. Too sweet. The apple cake wasn't too dry, but was the size of a muffin and was only okay. The crepe was nice - light with some sour notes.