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Mar 17, 2008 08:05 PM

good butchers in the Triangle area?

I'm interested in trying out some good beef this weekend (non-beef-eating wife is out of town this weekend and I'm ready to fire up the grill). Could someone please recommend a good butcher in the Triangle area (Chapel Hill or Carrboro or Durham a plus; Raleigh's a little far unless it's *really* worth it)?

I'm also intrigued by the dry-aged beef that I have seen at Whole Foods, but there's gotta be someone else who does it around here besides them...right?


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    1. re: LBD

      I like Cliff's but have found the beef to be hit and miss. I've had a few very nice steaks and a few that were livery.

      They're doing local beef (but only a few cuts) at Whole Foods now and that is a big plus. For my money, though, I'd run over to the Farmer's Market in Carrboro and buy from the source Saturday morning. Brinkley and Baldwin are both good but I'm not sure who is there this time of year

    2. any big carniceria in Durham, such as La Superior on Roxboro

      1. I'd go to the Chapel Hill Whole Foods and get their dry aged ribe eye. A little pricey at $21.99/pound but boy is it good! Don't know anybody else who sells dry aged beef in Chapel Hill/Durham.

        Second choice would be a Neiman Ranch ribeye from Weaver Street.

        1. King's Red & White at the corner of Club and Roxboro in Durham has a butcher. They offer a Sliver grade of beef that is excellent. A Silver ribeye from King's is hard to beat. They will cut them to whatever thickness you want.

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          1. re: PeterB

            ah yes, agreed, R&W has a kick ass butcher...good guy to have a convo with...they all are in there

            1. re: TSQ75

              Where can I get good lamb chops cut to order? I'm in N. Raleigh, so the closer the better.

              1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                Try DaVinci's on Rogers Road off S. Main St. in Wake Forest. You can try Fresh Market on Falls but they don't always have lamb (no rib chops or racks when I tried to buy some last month).

              2. re: TSQ75

                i didn't have a *great* conversation with the butcher, but the staff were friendly and gave me their honest opinion about cuts of meat. that was helpful.

                i ended up getting a 3/4 lb rib eye. although they gave me a packet of Bad Byron's Butt Rub, i ended up putting salt and pepper on both sides of the meat after letting it come to room temperature and then pan frying it in my cast iron skillet with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. 5 minutes on one side then 4 minutes on the other. it was perfect--very tender and quite tasty.

                the sauce was a modification of a Roquefort sauce. i used Maytag Blue with unsalted butter and some brandy (mashed together and drizzled on top). it was an idea from

                in any case, i would go back to King's. their meat was good, their prices were fair (~$11/lb for the rib eye), and their staff were friendly. no complaints.

              3. re: PeterB

                Sadly, I just saw that the old Red & White Grocery on the corner of Univ. Drive and Chapel Hill Rd. has closed. It's been there as long as I can remember, and was the source of the best meat in Durham back when I was a kid. While I'm not entirely surprised that they closed, it feels a little like the end of an era.

                1. re: durhamois

                  i go to the one on club and roxboro...that one's been going strong and run by the same family since the 50's!