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Top Notch Italian in Montreal?

I'm looking for a very good, upscale Italian restaurant in Montreal for a bachelor party dinner. Suggestions?

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  1. le Muscadin has a very elegant feel and the service is very personal ; it's at the corner of Notre Dame and McGill.

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        Would agree that Latini is what immediately jumps to mind when asked for top-notch Italian. It's pricey pricey pricey, but the food is classically prepared, ingredients are excellent, wine list is pricy but excellent. The restaurant is also a beautiful space. I really enjoy it when I have a chance to dine there, but it isn't often due to the cost. For a special occasion it's great. But your bachelor party, is it with people who care where they eat? Or is it going to be a bit more rowdy? Rowdy might not fit so well with this place (Eg. flinging blow-up dolls around the Resto)

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          Haha no, none of that. For one night anyway we're gonna be a pretty reserved crowd. The object is just to have at least 1 nice dinner while we're in montreal. I've looked at Restaurant Le Piemontais and Davinci. Not a bad fan of the reviews I've seen for either so thanks for the other suggestions I'll look into them.

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            I would skip the Le Piemontais. Just not what you're looking for. I strongly suggest Le Latini or another good suggestion here was Da Emma - just simple, incredibly well prepared Italian food -

      2. I'm yet to go but I've only heard or read good things about Graziella. It's in the Old City. As well, there's Il Mulino in Little Italy which is classical but expensive.

        1. Try OTTO Ristorante, in the W Hotel near Square-Victoria. Italian-Fusion kitchen and the place is very nice!


          1. Howdy!

            And allow me to pipe in with a vote for Da Emma's in Old Montreal... They also have a private room that is available.

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              I second DaEmma, especially for this type of event. Trendy, beautiful crowd, and good bars close for an after party!

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                Thanks for all the suggestions! I actually spoke with Da Emma's today. It's one of 3 places I'm considering along with Le Latini. I was told Da Emma doesn't have a "set" menu and that regular changes are listed on a blackboard. That kind of worries me a little bit because of limited choices. Can anyone confirm this? I was also told to expect to pay about $60 a person for appetizer, main course and dessert. Does that sound about right? Appreciate the help...

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                  Yup - it's all right.

                  Le Latini might be a little steeper than that, if I remember correctly. The vibe is a bit different though at Le Latini - Da Emma is more St. Laurent-ish, while le Latini is more, upscale, dare I say a little older crowd? - By older I mean older than the Da Emma crowd and by no means "old" as in geriatric or staid and stuffy.

            2. BuonnaNotte is the place to be.

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                No pun intended but Buonna Notte and top notch just don't belong in the same sentence.

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                  Not good at all, the best Italian restaurant in Montreal is Primo e secondo near the Jean-Talon Market and the pizza at Bottega on St-Zotique is really good.

                2. Da Emma will not disappoint. If they have their roast suckling pig on the menu, at least one person in your party will have to try it; the others will wish they ordered it. The price of $60/pp would be pretty accurate Enjoy!

                  1. Try Vivaldi on the West Island. It's an "Apportez Votre Vin' restaurant. The food is fantastic. I think that the chef's come from the L'Institute de l'hotelerie Italian cusine section. Prices are reasonable and every waitress is beautiful!

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                      Thanks for the suggestions but I think i need to change the topic of this thread! After doing some research I haven't found place that suits my needs. What I'm really looking for is a nice Italian place that is about $45-50 a person with appetizer, main course and dessert. Ideally they would have group menus.

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                        Any restaurant will make a group menu for you; ask to talk to the owner/chef, tell him what you want, price range etc...

                    2. I have a few suggestions for you ...

                      1) Restaurant Roberto (2221 Belanger E.)
                      2) DiMenna (6313 Jarry E.)
                      3) Casa Cacciatore (170 Jean-Talon E.)

                      Or, for something a little less expensive, try Il Piatto Pieno (177 St-Zotique E.)

                      Hope this helps,

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                        I wouldn't call Roberto "top notch", but it is very good value for your money. Their slow roasted meat dishes are especially good, and potions are huge. They also have some very decently priced wines.

                        Has anyone recommended Cafe Via Dente? It's within your price range, though any booze will put you over the top.

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                          Wow I forgot about this thread. Good stuff everyone. Looks like I've got some research to do!

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                            If it helps at all I'm hoping to find something near Jeanne-Mance. Thought I'd I throw that out there after I looked up Roberto and saw it was about 20 minutes away.

                      2. How about Primo et Secundo on St Dominique near JTM. A great choice when you arrive try the fried olives (not on the menu but great).For main course the Fettucine w/Porcini and truffles is wonderful as the menu is " Italian Cusine du Marche" the main courses change seasonally.Always great fish selections year round.

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                          I'm surprised nobody mentioned Ristorante Sapori Pronto on Sherbrooke W. Ok, It's been over 5 years since the last time I went but the risotto at the time was amazingly good.

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                            I've been to P&S some time ago and wasn't so impressed. Maybe I'll have to try it again. My suggestion would be Via Roma on St. Laurent. Nice setting, excellent linguini al vongole, scaloppini, osso bucco and creme brule.

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                              I agree. I've been to P &S 2 times and both times had disappointing evenings. Wines not available, service scatterbrained, and uninspired dishes (one or 2 were good, but most were uninspiring). I wouldn't recommend it when there are so many other great places.

                          2. Lucca on Dante in little italy is by far the best italian in Montreal. They have a board menu but they have everything from filet mignon pasta, fish and grilled veal chop... They probably won't do a set menu but it should fit into your price range perfectly. Apps are around 8-15 and Dinner 21-38.
                            It has a nice atmosphere but its small and definitely not a party place.

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                              P&S and Chez Lucca are two of my favorite, both are expensive, but going there, that it will be costly is fine with me, I go and just enjoy it. Life is too short at times to gripe and those two restaurants are magnifico. So there.

                              I also really love Cafe via Dante, but the style of cooking is not the same...more like northern Italy, but still delicious.

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                                  Lucca, Seriously? They wee great when they had the original owners, after it was sold we had nothing but acceptable food. Is it truly as good as when they first opened? If so, I am heading back.

                                  Another good bet is Graziela on McGill. It is nice to eat some inspired cooking prepared by a very capable chef. Not your run of the mill pasta and veal joint.

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                                    Ummm, had baby 4 years ago, don't eat out often. Last time I was there was maybe 2, maybe 3 years ago. I should have mentioned that.

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                                      I've been to Lucca recently and I do believe it is still truly as good. Fresh and delicious food that never disappoints. I find it better than P&S.

                                2. I am surprised nobody has mentioned Da Vinci. I have always enjoyed it there.

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                                    If you look higher up in the thread, you will see that it was indeed mentioned.

                                  2. Da Emma in Old Montreal. Used to be a prison for women...