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Mar 17, 2008 07:25 PM

Pamplona - Tips Please

Going to Pamplona on Thursday for dinner. Any must haves? Anything to avoid?

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  1. varied reports, here are a couple links:

    i loved the hamburguesa. have had before and liked...bunuelos, lasagna with some kind of fish, gambas pochadas. didn't like the salted tuna appetizer.

    it won't affect things much, but last time i went a couple months ago, tapas prices had increased $2-3 on some items.

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    1. re: bob gaj

      One of my reports may be in there - my wrap up of it was that I might go back for the hamburguesa and churros, but that was about it. I'd also noticed the price increases.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Had tapas here today. Three apps. The duck, the Chorizo, and the Egg with asparagus and truffle oil. All three stellar in preparation, presentation and taste. Desserts (ouzo sorbet pre dessert, and chocolate fritters with yogurt ice cream) were wonderuful. Wines were amazing and overall price, reasonably inexpensive. Oh, the Chef was in the kitchen (for lunch!!!) We will become regulars here.

        1. re: kathrynO

          Glad to hear that you had a good experience there. Don't think we tried the duck or the egg. I wondering if the chef wasn't in the kitchen the day we had lunch there.

    2. just order off the tapas menu, thats where the best options are. The rabbit sandwich is addictive and a must.

      1. Just returned and thought the meal was really good. And I am usually not into tapas. We got the dates with bacon, manchengo fried cheese balls, the meatballs and the lump crab lasagna with salsa verde. All are dishes I would order again. After that we got a hamburger and paella. Happy with these dishes as well. The hamburger is one of the better I have had in a while,,,,,so tender.

        Desserts were ehhhh. We ordered the sampler.

        Kind of a weird area and the place doesn't look all that put together. It was about 90 degrees inside, but the staff was friendly. I will be back.