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Mar 17, 2008 07:20 PM

Bright Yellow Smoked Fish

I grew up enjoying a bright yellow smoked fish that we boiled and then served with salted butter. I'm not sure what type of fish it was. I think haddock. I used to occasionally find it at supermarket fresh fish counters until a few years ago. I recently tried a frozen imported Scottish haddock product that needed to be boiled in a plastic bag, which included a dab of butter. I was very, very disappointed!

Has anyone seen this type of fish for sale unfrozen? Centrally, north of the 401 would really be helpful.

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  1. Sounds like standard issue finnan haddie. Not sure about north of the 401 but the stuff's usually available at SLM.

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      Sounds very much like 'finnan haddie' Mother used to make it on Sunday mornings (boiled it in milk)...the house reaked for two days (at least!) To answer your question I would telephone some of the 'dedicated' fish stores around town, perhaps Newport on Dupont or even call Daiters who get their 'smoked' fish(es) from people who do that sort of thing ie smoked whitefish, carp, sable etc....maybe they have /can give you an idea about whom to contact.

    2. So that's what it's called!

      Thanks Kagemusha and perlD. I'd heard that name but never associated it with what my family simply called 'yellow fish'.

      An image search of 'finnan haddie' brought up exactly the fish I remember. And yes, it stunk up the house for days, but I sort of liked the smell. It really helps now that I know what I'm looking for.

      1. Finnan Haddie is cold smoked, and is cooked before eating.

        My Newfie mom used to make all manners of boiled dinners when I was a kid, and the one with the bright yellow fish was I believe hot smoked cod, though it may have been haddock. It was a real lurid yellow and firm to the touch as it had lost a bit of moisture in the smoking process.

        Mom also used this fish in fish and brewis.

        I'd try a Newfie store.