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Ten best things to eat in New Orleans

What are the 10 best things to eat in New Orleans and where is the best place to eat them?

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  1. --a chocolate cream sno-bliz at Hansen's Sno Bliz, Tchopitoulas at Bordeaux
    --cannoli from Angelo Brocato's on Carrollton
    --garlic oyster poboy from Liuzza's by the Track, N. Lopez St.
    --bahn mi thit nuong from Dong Phuong bakery, Chef Menteur Hwy
    --beignets & cafe au lait from Morning Call, 17th St. in Metairie
    --char-grilled oysters from Drago's, N. Arnoult, Metairie
    --half-n-half (shrimp & oysters) or softshell crab sandwich at Casamento's, Magazine St.
    --pulled pork, HillBilly BBQ, Tullulah St., River Ridge
    --the fries at Herbsaint (tied with the pork belly)
    --aztec chocolate gelato at La Divina
    My list would probably change weekly, though.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      oyster poboy: Bozos (21st St., Metairie)
      turtle soup: Commander's
      crispy mirliton napoleon with remoulade and cayenne buerre blanc: Cuvee
      tempura buster crab: August
      pork belly : Herbsaint
      soft shell crab (call first): Brigtsen's
      crawfish: K Jean
      gumbo: Prejeen's at JF or Mr. B's ya-ya
      muff: Central Grocery (take one home, they travel well):
      oysters 1/2 shell: Felix's
      beignets: DuMonde
      "breathtaking roast beef po boy": Liuzza's by the Track
      That's 12 but it's NOLA . Oh, one more, Bloody Mary (extra spicy): Commander's

      1. re: JazzyB

        My family has eaten at Bozo's for 4 generations. Starting with the original location on St. Anne's. Chris' fried catfish is also hard to beat. He used to boil up some great crabs when I was a kid, and the fries were not frozen back in the day, but it is still a great place.

        I used to love the roast beef po boys at Ciro's in Metarie, and Messina's Italian in Kenner.

        I still love Tony Angelo's.

      2. re: Hungry Celeste

        Agree with a lot here, some of my other favorites:

        Praline Bacon - Elizabeth's
        Wood Fired Oysters - Cochon
        Buttermilk Pancakes - Luke
        Alligator Cheescake - Jacques Imos
        Iced Coffee - CC's

        1. re: nola17

          I second the Wood Fired Oysters at Cochon. Amazing.

      3. I agree with many of Celeste's picks, but here's a few of my own.

        roast beef poboy dressed - Parkway Bakery

        boiled crawfish - my house (if I'm not cooking, Big Fisherman or K-Jean's or any of a number of other places around town)

        muffaletta - Central Grocery

        grilled pompano - Galatoire's

        beignets & cafe au lait - Cafe du Monde

        cochon de lait poboy - Walker's or Jazz Fest

        bread pudding souffle - Commander's Palace

        bbq shrimp - Mr. B's

        bbq shrimp poboy - Liuzza's by the Track

        Chicken a la Grande - Mosca's

        Gumbo - my house (if I'm not cooking, Dooky Chase or Two Sisters or Frankie & Johnny's or any number of places around town)

        1. when I went to college these were the things I craved the most.
          - hamburger with loaded baked potato from port o'call
          - half and half po boy (half oysters, half shrimp) from domilise
          - oysters on the hal shell from Casamentos
          - crabmeat risotto with the pork chop at the Besh steak house
          - cream nector snowball with condensed milk from Pandoras box
          - pulled pork burrito from juan's flying burrtio (mid city location)
          - lemon ice box pie from Clancys
          - boiled crawfish (my house) at Frankie and Johnys
          -coconut gelato and cannoli from Angelo brocatos.

          1. I'm game...

            Strawberry ice - Angelo Brocato's
            Slow roast duck po boy - Crabby Jacks
            Banana cream pie - Emeril's
            Alligator sausage cheesecake - Jacques
            Duck (whatever preparation) - Brigtsen's
            Chilean sea bass entree - Stella!
            Turtle soup - Commander's
            Burger and potato - Port o' Call
            Beignet and Cafe au Lait - Cafe du Monde
            Fried green tomatoes w/ shrimp remoulade - Upperline

            1. - Bananas Foster at Brennan's
              - Shrimp & catfish po-boy at Domilise's
              - Burger & baked potato at Yo Mama's
              - Gumbo at Arnaud's
              - Boiled crawfish at Big Fisherman Seafood
              - Shrimp & grits at Dante's Kitchen
              - Chargrilled oysters from Drago's
              - Beignets and cafe au lait from Cafe du Monde
              - Shrimp & fried green tomato po-boy from Crabby Jack's
              - Duck at the Palace Cafe

              1. What a great question.

                My wife and I emailed back and forth today and came up with:
                Oysters on the half shell – Felix’s
                Muffaletta – Central Grocery
                Beignets with a cup of coffee – Café du Monde
                Turtle soup – Commander’s Palace
                Bread pudding souffle - Commander's Palace
                Pimm’s Cup – Napoleon House
                Sazerac – Napoleon House
                Fried Chicken – Coop’s
                Gumbo – Brigtsen’s (only if you can't make it to Wisconsin to try my wife's!)
                Debris sandwiches - Mother’s
                Grilled cheese dessert sandwich - Stella!

                Whoops, that's eleven. Sorry.

                1. Bread pudding - Bon Ton
                  Red beans - Diplomat
                  Bbq oysters - Red Fish Gril
                  Shrimp creole - Liuzza BTT
                  Bbq shrimp poboy - Liuzza BTT
                  Roast beef poboy - Parkway or Parasol
                  French fries - Delachaise
                  Steak or pasta - La Boca
                  Burger - MiLa, Beach Corner or Yo Mama's
                  Crab au gratin - Bon Ton

                  1. Great topic:

                    Brennan's banannas foster
                    Stella! duck five ways
                    Bayona's garlic soup
                    Cafe Amelie's crab cakes
                    Elizabeth's grits and grillades
                    La Davina's creme brulee gelato with a shot of espresso
                    Sukhothai's cashew chicken or pad thai
                    Superior Grill's lethal margarita
                    Domilise's hot sausage poboy with chili gravy
                    Willie Mae's fried chicken

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                    1. re: jeffchow

                      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These are the kinds of answers I was hoping to get. I can't wait to try as many of these as I can!

                    2. How about a few beverages to go along with your meals?

                      Sazerac: (my house or) Arnaud's French 75
                      Champagne: The porch at the Columns Hotel
                      Frozen Irish Coffee: Molly's on the Market
                      Bloody Mary: Monaghan's Erin Rose (there's Guinness in there)
                      Wine by the glass: The Delachaise
                      Cognac: The Bombay Club
                      Ramos Gin Fizz: The Ritz Carlton Library Bar
                      Tequila from an oak barrel: Vaughan's
                      Moonshine: Cochon
                      Shot of Jameson & a High Life for $5: R Bar

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                      1. re: dianalily

                        What about milk punch at Brennan's?

                        1. re: cajungirl

                          What about 5 or 6 milk punches at The Monteleone?

                          1. re: grampart

                            "F & G" (or is it FNG) coffee drink at The Monteleone
                            Bloody Mary at Arnaud's
                            Any "go cup" from Court Liquor that I can enjoy while I walk down Royal and smell your city's sweet olive blossoms.

                          2. re: cajungirl

                            Last time I ordered a milk punch at Brennan's it arrived with no alcohol in it.

                          3. Not exactly ten, but:

                            --crabmeat cheesecake at Palace Cafe
                            --beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe DuMonde
                            --praline bacon at Elizabeth's
                            --pralines from Southern Candymakers
                            --crab au gratin at Bon Ton Cafe
                            --potatoes Lyonnaise at Galatoire's
                            --andouille crusted fish w/Crystal beurre blanc at Palace Cafe
                            --pecan crusted fish w/Creole meuniere at any of Dickie Brennan's restaurants
                            --ham at Mother's

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                            1. re: Steve Green

                              I'll second the crabmeat cheesecake at Palace Cafe and add their white chocolate bread pudding
                              Tres Leches Cake at Rio Mar
                              Bread Pudding Souffle at Commander's
                              Beignets at CDM
                              Turtle Soup at Brennan's, Palace or CP
                              Crepes Fitzgerald at Brennan's
                              Muffs at Nor-Joe's or Central

                              1. re: Steve Green

                                I LOVE breakfast at Mothers.

                                Mandino's on canal is another great place to eat.

                                1. re: kingofkings

                                  Blue cheese fried oysters - Uglesich's
                                  Free Gumbo - Old Point Bar after Papa Grows Funk played
                                  BBQ blue cheese oyster po'boy -The Redfish Grill stand during Jazz Fest
                                  The Carpet Bagger steak - jacques
                                  The T-bone/potato's au gratin/wedge salad/onion rings for $20 - Charlies
                                  Oyster's Irene - Irene's
                                  The Straciatella gelato - Angelo Brocato
                                  2 course unlimited 10 cent martini lunch - Bacco
                                  Canaloni - Sal and Judy's
                                  The cheeseburger- Tuesdays at 6AM outside of Snake and Jakes

                                  1. re: Adamlick

                                    Did Uglesich's re-open????? It was closed in August (post-storm).

                                    1. re: The Urban Eater

                                      No, it did not reopen for good, although the proprietors are reopening for a 1-day book sales/signing/promotional event on April 26th. See their website for details: http://www.uglesichs.com/

                                  2. re: kingofkings

                                    Get to Mother's early and hope they haven't run out of the "black ham". Also, second the BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's!

                                2. -mashed potatoes at Brigtsen
                                  -oyster roast at Cochon
                                  -central grocery muff.
                                  -crab au gratin at Bon Ton Cafe
                                  -pecan brittle at Leah's Pralines
                                  -mirleton napoleon app. at Cuvee
                                  -osso bucco at Irene
                                  -beignets at Cafe du Monde
                                  -duck and andouille gumbo at Dick & Jennys
                                  -25 cent martinis at Commanders

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                                  1. re: tradebead

                                    Gotta agree with you on the crab au gratin at Bon Ton. Pure, unadulterated, pre-cholesterol-awareness good stuff.

                                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                                      I have to agree with a Hansen's Sno Bliz, nothing better on a hot day.
                                      With JF coming up I would also add the pheasant quail and andouille gumbo, the cuban sandwich, and the combination plate of oysters.
                                      The sweet potato cookies at the small little stands are also excellent.

                                  2. Got to include Oysters Alvin from Bon Ton; I've actually dreamt about them, they're so good!

                                    Everyone always talks about the Turtle Soup at Mandina's but their Oyster Artichoke Soup is pretty darned good as well.

                                    I'd also nominate the Sunday Brunch at Begue's as the best buffet brunch for the money ANYWHERE -- an amazing variety of excellent food!

                                    1. Akay, akay, akay.
                                      I live in Tampa, but N.O. is my FAVORITE city in the entire world and I visit as often as possible. Here's my go:
                                      Mother's: black ham, eggs, grits, and biscuit breakfast
                                      Bayonna: Garlic Soup or anything
                                      Acme: raw oysters (they were the best last time I visited, may have changed by now)
                                      Irene's: Escargot
                                      Central Grocery: Muffelatta
                                      Willie Mae's: Fried Chicken (LOVE< LOVE< LOVE)
                                      Lil' Dizzy's: mac & cheese
                                      Mulate's: fried gator tail

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                                      1. re: The Urban Eater

                                        I live in Indy but New Orleans is also my favorite food city, and I get down there at least twice a year (jazzfest and halloween). Some of my items are from the fair grounds during jazzfest.

                                        Soft Shell Crab at the fairgrounds (Galley restaurant)
                                        Muffaletta from Central Grocery
                                        BBQ Oyster Po-Boy from Red Fish Grill
                                        BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy from Liuzza's By The Track
                                        Tapas from Rio Mar
                                        Raw Oysters from Harbor Seafood (super value)
                                        Crab Au Gratin Bon Ton Cafe
                                        Bread Pudding w/whiskey sauce Bon Ton Cafe
                                        Char Grill Oysters from Drago's
                                        Jambalaya Supreme from Coop's Place

                                        Of course these are in no particular order

                                      2. jfood lands next friday for four days of jazz and food. This is outrageously good since jfood's friends have given jfood the chore of food for friday and saturday.

                                        Does anyone know how to download all these great recommendations into excel so he can rank and sort? Only kidding.

                                        1. I agree with many here as well and Cochon has some deep fried ribs every once in a while that are somethin' else!

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                                          1. re: crimsonfancy


                                            I'm not a resident so I don't get to be a regular, but I love Cochon. That would be the only place on earth I would order deep fried ribs.

                                            I take it they're an occasional special since they're not on the menu:


                                            1. re: Paul N

                                              Yep, they are a special. Pretty good friend of mine works there in the kitchen. Sauced with, if I can recall, sambal, garlic, lemon/vinegar and butter.
                                              I love the oysters, chicken livers and redfish but until a few months ago they were having trouble sourcing rabbit so on my last visit the rabbit and dumplings weren't available. I now see that rabbit livers have replaced the chicken. Coming into summer soon, it should be removed from the menu until we get cooler weather again.
                                              Other winners include the boudin with pickles, boucherie plate, cochon and brisket.

                                              Nice cocktails as well. Had one with a homemade watermelon pickle.

                                              I'm also very interested in the pickled pork tongue salad and the pork cheek in the boucherie category but haven't been back since they showed on the menu.
                                              I'm on the north shore but will be working in New Orleans again soon so the eating will commence.

                                              By the way, they have become very, very busy. 300 guests last Wednesday and every day is a struggle to get caught up. This is a small restaurant and serving 150 is really moving.

                                              1. re: crimsonfancy

                                                Well, I better make my Jazz Fest reservations now.

                                                Any chance of your friend divulging how they achieve the louisiana cochon? I've tried to approximate it through smoking, pulling and then quickly grilling a pork shoulder, which, though delicious, was not even close.

                                                1. re: Paul N

                                                  I will certainly ask him about it and he will share.
                                                  I want to recall that they use an Alto-Shaam Smoker but I'll find out for sure. I know they purchase their hog "on the whole" and break it down for many different applications. I would think 60# or smaller size.
                                                  They also have food cost well below industry standard as you could imagine.


                                          2. What a wonderful thread. I have read over the replies twice, before I commented.

                                            Because I take the term “Best” seriously, I had to do some soul searching. A ton of memories flooded into my consciousness, and I struggled with my answers for quite a while. Then, I re-read the replies, so far, one more time, just to be sure.

                                            I cannot come up with Ten Best, but have some candidates:

                                            1.) Turtle Soup - Commander’s Palace
                                            2.) Pain Perdue - Original Coffee Pot (nee Maxie’s)
                                            3.) Beginets - toss up: Café Du Monde & Morning Call
                                            4.) Bananas Foster - Brennan’s
                                            5.) Nutty Waffles - Camellia Grill

                                            Now, things fall apart quickly. I have other favorites, and all of them would make my Top 10 List, but they are either no more, or the places have changed hands/chefs, so they no longer count.

                                            6.) Fried Shrimp - Marquez Brothers, Chef Highway (gone)
                                            7.) Roast Beef Po-boy - toss-up: old Frank’s Deli & Acy’s Pool Hall (new chef and gone). Note: Parkway Bakery is good - very good, but not THAT good.
                                            8.) Pompano - Pontchartrain Hotel (basically gone)
                                            9.) Speckled Trout Amandine - Constantine’s (gone)
                                            10.) Lobster au Gratin - Martin’s (on Jackson, gone)
                                            11.) Redfish Court bullion - Roussele’s (long gone)
                                            12.) Muffalettas - Frank’s Deli (that chef is no longer there and the theme has changed)
                                            13.) Banana Créme, Chocolate Créme and Coconut Créme pies - Delmonico (now Emeril’s)

                                            I struggled with some other dishes, but found that I have actually had better versions elsewhere than NOLA. This is in no way meant to diminish the great food/cuisine of New Orleans, but I’ve actually had the epitome of each of these elsewhere.

                                            Soft-shelled crab - Denver (Chef Michael Dagenhart’s Pecan-crusted, Garlic-braised Soft-shelled Crab is the one, by which all others will forever be judged, even Chef Frank Brigtsen’s.)
                                            Gumbo - Beracieve’s [SP?] Biloxi, MS (long gone). In truth, the ultimate is from my wife’s gumbo pot, but that does not count.
                                            Fried Shrimp - Magnusen’s House of Seafood, Gulfport, MS (OK, this is a repeat, but this was the ultimate, and it is long gone. The shrimp at Marquez Brothers was actually #2.)

                                            Hey, I was able to hit the top 5, and that is pretty good. Given any other city in the world, I could not come up with more dishes per city. Wife verified my choices and could not add any additional entries to the list.


                                            1. my compliments to celeste for including the banh mi thit nuong at dong phuong on her list. there is a sizeable vietnamese population in the new orleans area and the cuisine is complementary to louisiana cuisine in several ways. although i have been in nyc for the last few years and can't confirm whether it's still as good, i would include the canh chua ca and ca kho to at three happiness on the west bank.

                                              1. I cannot, shall not and will not argue with any of these great recommendations. The following are just a few of my favorites that I have not seen mentioned:

                                                Pecan pralines made fresh at the French Market
                                                Krystal burgers on Bourbon (It's a thing with me)
                                                Creloe cheesecake at Commander's Palace
                                                Barbecued shrimp anywhere you can get 'em
                                                Boiled crawfish from a vender and eaten on the curb
                                                An omlete the size of your head from the Camillia Grill

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                                                1. re: FlaHopper

                                                  Gosh, the last time that I had Krystal burgers was Mardi Gras '65. I had hitch hiked to NOLA from the Coast, and was staying with a friend's older sister, who was at Newcomb and had an apartment in the FQ. I think that I had about $20 for the entire Thurs - Wed trip, so these were about all I could spend on. Seems that I did get Geno's [SP?] pizza-rolls in the FQ to splurge. Luckily, I had a 6-pack of Coors, and sold every can for a gross markup. This kept me in libation for the celebration.

                                                  I cannot imagine that I could face a Krystal burger now, but maybe I am wrong.


                                                2. Oysters en Brochette from Galatoire's
                                                  Muffuletta from Napolean House
                                                  Any po boy from Crabby Jack's
                                                  Oyster and artichoke soup from Mandina's
                                                  Roast beef po boy from Parisol's
                                                  Any liquid in a to go cup
                                                  $1.50 draft from the Chart Room
                                                  I can't remember what I ate, but everything from NOLA
                                                  Burgers at Port of Call and Yo' Mama
                                                  Anything after 3:00 AM at the Alibi
                                                  Oysters on the half shell from the oyster bar at Pascal's Manale

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                                                  1. re: Ross B

                                                    Pimm's Cup - Napoleon House
                                                    Roasted Duck - Brigtsen's
                                                    Gulf fish w/ hollandaise - Crabby Jack's
                                                    Beignets and Cafe au Lait - Cafe Du Monde
                                                    Fried Chicken - Fiorella's
                                                    Blackened Drum fish - KPaul's
                                                    Coconut Cake - KPaul's
                                                    Strawberry shortcake - jazzfest
                                                    merquez sausage - jazzfest
                                                    alligator pocket - jazzfest