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Mar 17, 2008 07:19 PM

Ten best things to eat in New Orleans

What are the 10 best things to eat in New Orleans and where is the best place to eat them?

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  1. --a chocolate cream sno-bliz at Hansen's Sno Bliz, Tchopitoulas at Bordeaux
    --cannoli from Angelo Brocato's on Carrollton
    --garlic oyster poboy from Liuzza's by the Track, N. Lopez St.
    --bahn mi thit nuong from Dong Phuong bakery, Chef Menteur Hwy
    --beignets & cafe au lait from Morning Call, 17th St. in Metairie
    --char-grilled oysters from Drago's, N. Arnoult, Metairie
    --half-n-half (shrimp & oysters) or softshell crab sandwich at Casamento's, Magazine St.
    --pulled pork, HillBilly BBQ, Tullulah St., River Ridge
    --the fries at Herbsaint (tied with the pork belly)
    --aztec chocolate gelato at La Divina
    My list would probably change weekly, though.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      oyster poboy: Bozos (21st St., Metairie)
      turtle soup: Commander's
      crispy mirliton napoleon with remoulade and cayenne buerre blanc: Cuvee
      tempura buster crab: August
      pork belly : Herbsaint
      soft shell crab (call first): Brigtsen's
      crawfish: K Jean
      gumbo: Prejeen's at JF or Mr. B's ya-ya
      muff: Central Grocery (take one home, they travel well):
      oysters 1/2 shell: Felix's
      beignets: DuMonde
      "breathtaking roast beef po boy": Liuzza's by the Track
      That's 12 but it's NOLA . Oh, one more, Bloody Mary (extra spicy): Commander's

      1. re: JazzyB

        My family has eaten at Bozo's for 4 generations. Starting with the original location on St. Anne's. Chris' fried catfish is also hard to beat. He used to boil up some great crabs when I was a kid, and the fries were not frozen back in the day, but it is still a great place.

        I used to love the roast beef po boys at Ciro's in Metarie, and Messina's Italian in Kenner.

        I still love Tony Angelo's.

      2. re: Hungry Celeste

        Agree with a lot here, some of my other favorites:

        Praline Bacon - Elizabeth's
        Wood Fired Oysters - Cochon
        Buttermilk Pancakes - Luke
        Alligator Cheescake - Jacques Imos
        Iced Coffee - CC's

        1. re: nola17

          I second the Wood Fired Oysters at Cochon. Amazing.

      3. I agree with many of Celeste's picks, but here's a few of my own.

        roast beef poboy dressed - Parkway Bakery

        boiled crawfish - my house (if I'm not cooking, Big Fisherman or K-Jean's or any of a number of other places around town)

        muffaletta - Central Grocery

        grilled pompano - Galatoire's

        beignets & cafe au lait - Cafe du Monde

        cochon de lait poboy - Walker's or Jazz Fest

        bread pudding souffle - Commander's Palace

        bbq shrimp - Mr. B's

        bbq shrimp poboy - Liuzza's by the Track

        Chicken a la Grande - Mosca's

        Gumbo - my house (if I'm not cooking, Dooky Chase or Two Sisters or Frankie & Johnny's or any number of places around town)

        1. when I went to college these were the things I craved the most.
          - hamburger with loaded baked potato from port o'call
          - half and half po boy (half oysters, half shrimp) from domilise
          - oysters on the hal shell from Casamentos
          - crabmeat risotto with the pork chop at the Besh steak house
          - cream nector snowball with condensed milk from Pandoras box
          - pulled pork burrito from juan's flying burrtio (mid city location)
          - lemon ice box pie from Clancys
          - boiled crawfish (my house) at Frankie and Johnys
          -coconut gelato and cannoli from Angelo brocatos.

          1. I'm game...

            Strawberry ice - Angelo Brocato's
            Slow roast duck po boy - Crabby Jacks
            Banana cream pie - Emeril's
            Alligator sausage cheesecake - Jacques
            Duck (whatever preparation) - Brigtsen's
            Chilean sea bass entree - Stella!
            Turtle soup - Commander's
            Burger and potato - Port o' Call
            Beignet and Cafe au Lait - Cafe du Monde
            Fried green tomatoes w/ shrimp remoulade - Upperline

            1. - Bananas Foster at Brennan's
              - Shrimp & catfish po-boy at Domilise's
              - Burger & baked potato at Yo Mama's
              - Gumbo at Arnaud's
              - Boiled crawfish at Big Fisherman Seafood
              - Shrimp & grits at Dante's Kitchen
              - Chargrilled oysters from Drago's
              - Beignets and cafe au lait from Cafe du Monde
              - Shrimp & fried green tomato po-boy from Crabby Jack's
              - Duck at the Palace Cafe