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Mar 17, 2008 07:19 PM

Casual Breakfast near Plaza Hotel?


I will be at the Plaza Hotel tomorrow, and I want to know, is there any casual no-reservation places to eat breakfast at/near midtown?

P.S. What should I have for "dress up" breakfast the next day: Harry Cipriani or the Palm Court in the Plaza?

Thank you,


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  1. For a casual breakfast, go to Bottega del Vino - 59th between 5th and Madison - great espresso etc., as well as pastries and breakfast panini.

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      I'm in town for business and thanks to MMRuth for the tip on Bottega del Vino. The atmosphere and decor are very pleasant, the staff professional. The latte was perfectly prepared. I had the breakfast vegie frittata yet found it bland with the potatoes and peppers not cooked sufficiently to my liking. (I'm one who believes potatoes should be well cooked.) Thickly sliced beefsteak tomatoes in balsamico were very nice on buttered toast. A raspberry jam filled wheat croissant was average, on the dry side.

      Overall I found myself wishing I had ordered one of the panini, and the aroma of my neighbor's porcini mushroom soup (I arrived a tad early for the lunch menu, apparently) was heavenly. I would return for a sampling from the impressive wine list and lunch, definitely.

      Too bad about the frittata.

    2. I did not have breakfast there but I saw that Bistro papillon served breakfast.

      1. If it were me, I would consider Normas or Town for a dress up breakfast rather than Harry Cipriani or Palm Court. I have not been to the new Palm Court, but the old one had mediocre food. Cipriani's is also known for stratospheric prices and mediocre food.