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Mar 17, 2008 06:12 PM

New Item (for me) at Sulmona

Anyone who regularly reads this board know that I'm a long time fan of Sulmona; NE butcher. I'd seen these before but never tried them...always other dinner plans. They make a pork liver sausage that is out of this world...not 1 of their regular hot/sweet.

If you like the flavor of liver, give them a shot and just ask if you don't see them. They're not always available.

Really a treat.

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  1. Thanks for this post! It's always hard for me to choose what to get there with so many lovely meaty options. I love liver so I'll have to stop by and get some.

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    1. re: gini

      I'm rather new to the whole butcher scene and was wondering if you had any other recs for Sulmona. I've had the steak and regular sausage.

      1. re: phatchris

        I buy all my veal there. It's all cut to order..and these guys are like surgeons. Occassionally lamb.Turkey at Thxgiving. Another highlight is the ground beef. They grind to order and it makes a great burger..sort of loosely packed. It's also 1 of the few butchers that I'll use for making steak tartare. The other is Savenor's; where I get most of my steaks....although Sulmona's are also very good...choice vs prime.

        They can also be very helpful in giving advice; if you'r not sure how to cook something.

        1. re: 9lives

          Great photo-set. The rib-eye looks great. Sulmona or Savenor's?

          1. re: yumyum

            Ribeye was from Sulmona..great piece of beef

        2. re: phatchris

          Sulmona is a treasure. They carry kid (yes baby goat) this time of year (Easter), and it is exquisite.

          1. re: whops

            You sure it is kid they carry and not baby lamb?

      2. Funny, saw that liver sausage all the years I lived in the NE and never tried it.

        Sulmona is my favorite butcher period.

        I do have a great Sulmona story. I was a bit of a regular there for a while and was buying some panchetta to put under the skin of my thanksgiving turkey. I saw some sausage hanging in the walk in that I could tell was not the usual. Asked what it was?

        "It's venison." "Wow, can I buy some?" "Oh no, we just made that for a hunter who had us dress his deer..." Crestfallen look of disappointment on my face.

        He then proceeded into the walk in, cut off about 2-3 pounds of venison sausage (a generious portion), wrap it in paper, and gave it to me gratis... I was stunned. Can't even tell you how many times I said thank you.

        The main course for thanksgiving that year was turkey, with panchetta under the skin, stuffed with wild rice, whole chestnuts, and venison sausage which I had browned nicely before stuffing the bird...

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          Why didn't you stuff the venison sausages under the skin? :))

          I like Sulmona a lot, too. Get my ground beef there all the time, plus sausages, steaks when I'm too lazy to walk to Savenor's, even quail.