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Mar 17, 2008 05:37 PM

Nick's on Main in Los Gatos

Has anybody eaten at the this new restaurant in Los Gatos, Nick's on Main.
How is the food?

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  1. We have many of our friends in town. Have to say it's one of the better spots in LG food-wise...though it needs some seasoning as it relates to the wait staff. Wine list is small-ish, some well-ish known values (those that are available down the road at Lunardi's market aren't marked up too much) and some very good lesser knowns. Really enjoyed the neighborhood eatery vibe. Will be back every other month or so to see what's new on Nick's menu.

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      What did you try?

      This pre-opening article in a local paper sounds good ...

      "The food will be bistro or country style with an Italian twist - simple food with abundant flavors." And the wines are decidedly local Italian - Testarossa, La Rusticana, Perrucci"

      Seems like the owner had Sicilian parent though most of the dishes mentioned don't seem to be Italian-influenced ... braised short ribs, Nani's meatloaf, Scottish salmon, steak, rack of lamb and seafood linguine, duck confit with cassoulet

      Nick's On Main
      35 E Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030

    2. We ate at Nick's last night, and while the service and atmosphere were fine (the room's hard surfaces made it really noisy, though), the food was mixed. My seared tuna with brown butter, garlic, and goat cheese on asparagus was outstanding, but my companions didn't rave about their duck (on mashed potato w/ bok choy) and salmon (with lemon risotto).

      Our two apps were also mixed: The "Tuna Tar Tar" was pretty good but needed some acidity, and the very bland mussels were accompanied by crispy, thin fries. I don't like sun-dried tomatoes, but their s.d.t. spread was delicious on the wonderfully light focaccia.

      My friends enjoyed the banana bread pudding (I'm not keen on b.p., but this version wasn't bad). $200 for 2 apps, 4 entrees, 1 dessert, and a bottle of $53 Testarossa Pinot, before t/t. Nice vibes, and worth going back to explore the other entrees.