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Mar 17, 2008 05:29 PM

MSP-El Burrito Mercado-yummy!

After a bunch of years, I finally got some Burrito Mercado burritos to go. We got the chicken and spicy chicken, with lots and lots of guac. What a wonderful place! Any other suggestions for things to get there, or items to order in the area? I've never been to Boca Chica, but I hear it's great (and I have a coupon! Bonus!

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  1. Boca Chica is truly awful. Here's an old report of mine: Try some of the spots along Lake Street in Minneapolis, instead, Pineda, Los Ocampo, Taqueria La Hacienda, Manny's, Gorditas El Gordo... in Mercado Central or Midtown Global Market.


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      Ok, once again, I find myself out of the loop - is Pineda on Lake still open? I thought they had closed - if they are still open I will literally jump for joy! We used to frequent the one on Robert & when we moved West, I thought I had to give it up. Are they still in that old Pizza Hut building? Thanks!

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        The location of Pineda on Lake Street (at Hiawatha Blvd/55) is long gone.

        1. re: MSPD

          There were two Pinedas on Lake Street, now there is one.

          It is at Lake and about 4th, right by a Taco Bell. It has a small storefront, but actually quite a bit of dining space inside.

          It is as good as the one that was at 55, but it doesn't have the English menu. Someone always speaks English though.

      2. re: The Dairy Queen

        There is a Pineda on Robert Street in W. St. Paul- a couple blocks past Moreland on the east side of Robert.

      3. I love going there on Saturday morning and eating chorizo and eggs with a side of guacamole. I don't generally get the rice and beans. It's very satisfying.

        1. I agree with TDQ - I would avoid Boca Chica unless all you want to do is drink. Their margaritas are tolerable.

          At El Burrito, I like the chicken tinga (shredded spicy chicken - perhaps that's what you had) and the birria de res (mildly spicy shredded beef). Mr. Tastebud (the hubby) always orders a quesadilla with carnitas - seriously tasty. And I really like their tamales, but I've never gotten them in the cafeteria - I always get a bag from the grocery store, then eat 'em at home.

          Other places in the area:

          There's used to be - and perhaps still is - a "pupusa van" that's usually parked in front of Don Pancho's Bakery. The bakery is quite nice, too - you grab a tong and load your tray with whatever catches your fancy. Try the tres leches cake or the chunks of bread pudding. Mr. Tastebud likes the flat crispy things (similar to crispies or elephant ears).

          I have a fond spot for the spicy wings at Cora's Best Chicken Wings. Yeah, it's fast food, but it's tasty.

          Another nice bakery in the area: Bread Coffee and Cake (BC2). I love their whole-wheat cinnamon-raisin bread. I hear that their tres leches cake is good. And I think they do sandwiches and soups at lunchtime.

          I haven't been to El Amanacer for years and years, but back when there weren't many Mexican places in town (and when El Burrito was a tiny convenience store), I used to enjoy my meals there. I've heard good things about Mi Tierra, but haven't made it there yet.

          For non-Mexican, Jerabek's isn't too far away. I've never been there when they're open, but I hear that they have good pastries and desserts.

          And if you know any coffee drinkers named Steve, you just gotta go to Grumpy Steve's Coffee. (I got a mug for my dad here - guess what his name is and what he likes to drink?) It's by the entrance to the Wabasha caves.


          El Burrito Mercado
          175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul, MN 55107

          Bread Coffee and Cake
          385 Wabasha St S, St Paul, MN 55107

          Jerabek's New Bohemian Coffeehouse & Bakery
          63 Winifred St, W St Paul, MN

          Don Panchos Bakery
          140 Concord St, St Paul, MN

          Cora's Best Chicken Wings
          168 Cesar Chavez St, Saint Paul, MN 55107

          El Amanecer
          194 Cesar Chavez St, Saint Paul, MN 55107

          Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant
          201 Concord St, St Paul, MN

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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            Hey Anne - I'm a proud Cora's fan too! Mmmm - wings....

          2. I would definitely second the suggestion for the Taqueria Los Ocampos on Lake--is great, but their location inside that little mercado (don't remember the exact address) on Lake street is even better, though no one speaks English...
            Also, in St Paul, if you want to try Pupusas or some Salvadorian food---try MaƱana. It is over by the Mound Blvd exit from 94. Be prepared to wait a little as they take time to make, but one of my all-time favorite dishes. You should ask for the green salsa, as they don't often serve it with pupusas, but is better than the red, in my opinion.

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            1. re: nieves

              As a former twin cities resident now back in southern california (albeit not a part graced with a wealth of down home mexican) i miss Los Ocampos a lot. theres not a huarache finer to be found within a reasonable drive of where i live. all the more reason for recent trips back - their elotes are also to die for.

            2. Friday's lunch special is Posole rojo. You'll never want anything else.