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Mar 17, 2008 05:23 PM

4 vegetable tasting at Citronelle?

Has anyone done this, or have any vegetarians been accommodated there? I will be in town for a few days in April and have already made a reservation at Restaurant Eve. I went to Central last month and liked it, so I was considering "upgrading". Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi, Olive123, I did this at Citronelle and had one of the most inventive and delicious meals of my life. There was a great range of flavors and preparations. I really enjoyed it and would encourage you to go wholeheartedly, were it not for the fact that I did this menu in 2002. You may want to wait and see what other hounds have to say.

    1. My vegetarian husband and I went to Citronelle last month for our anniversary. We had a great meal but had some misunderstandings with the vegetarian aspect. Before our dinner, I called and asked the person on the phone to put a note in my reservation that he was a vegetarian. At dinner, we saw the menu has asterisks next to some items, and the asterisk says "indicates vegetarian options." We thought that meant that dish is vegetarian (the menu doesn't detail what's in each dish) so my husband ordered the egg symphony as well as the four vegetable tasting. The egg symphony arrived and had bacon and scallops, and when we said we thought it would be vegetarian, the waiter had it remade pretty quickly. (Normally I would read up on reviews before going, but the egg symphony dish description didn't stick in my mind). They were very accommodating when we brought it to their attention, but I thought the asterisk notation on the menu wasn't clear. I think what they mean is "can be made vegetarian upon request" so just make sure to mention when you order that you want the vegetarian version of that dish. But, like I said, it was fixed with no problems, and the egg symphony is very impressive. If I'm remembering correctly, the four vegetable tasting was four vegetables in various preparations. I only had a small taste of each and can't remember too much about it. Among his dishes, it was the egg symphony and the breakfast at Citronelle dessert that really stuck in our minds.

      1. Restaurant Eve was absolutely fabulous. It's a beautiful restaurant, great cocktails and the veggies prepared were just amazing.