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Mar 17, 2008 05:11 PM

Quick, healthy takeout food near studio city/valley village?

I'm looking for new places that offer quick, healthy food for takeout. Items such as rice bowl, salads, shwarma plates, etc. I like all types of cuisine, preferably under $10.

This would be pickup on my way home from work so the place has to have easy parking access so I can get in and out quickly. Thanks!

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  1. Le Pain Quotidien, try the chicken curry sandwich (must have the chutney), or the chicken and smoked mozz.

    It's near ventura and coldwater.

    Also maybe not as quick and healthy Skaff's on Oxnard and Laurel Canyon. Wow the kebobes are awesome.

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    1. re: 420 Reasons to eat

      I've been to Skaff's once and it was good. The problem is that the parking lot is so small. I tried to go there the other day after work and 2 cars were already waiting inside the lot for someone to leave.

      1. re: 420 Reasons to eat

        I stopped by Le Pain Quotidien after work, got there at 6:40pm... and found out that the kitchen closed at 6:30pm. Oh well, I probably won't be able to try it since I can't get there in time. Ended up going to El Pollo Loco.

      2. Gelon's on Laurel Canyon has a great deli, hot food bar, salad bar, sushi bar, sandwich carvery, coffe bar, bakery and soups (both vegan and not).

        I like to get lunch there at least once a week.

        Also, a massive parking lot.

        Across from Riverside from gelson's is Sushi Don Sassabune, good, affordable basic sushi.

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        1. re: Diana

          Second Sushi Don very fresh fish and tasty donburi bowls for under $12.00

          1. re: trojans

            I stopped by Sushi Don Sasabune and I was very impressed by the fish quality for the price. The place is VERY simple, no decor whatsoever. You wouldn't think the fish is as fresh as it is just by looking at the place. I order the 5 piece sushi and donburi bowl (spicy yellowtail) for $14. The fish was really fresh and the bowl was very good sized. A great find! I'll be stopping by at least once a week for dinner.

            1. re: cycler15

              I have to say, I checked out Sushi Don Sasabune, while I agree the fish is fresh, I didn't see it as such a great value. I ordered the 5 pc sushi and 1 roll for 9.95. While the fish was certainly fresh, the cuts of fish were pretty small. On this day, I had a late lunch so wasn't that hungry, but normally I could have easily eaten two of these combos, and probably still be hungry. So basically $20 for 10 small pieces of sushi and 2 rolls. And they only have like 3 kinds of fish (tuna, salmon, yellowtail IIRC?). For that price, I would much prefer the $20 sushi platter at Tama. Much more generous cuts of fish, more variety and much better atmosphere. And you can have a cold beer or some sake.

              Obviously I'm in the minority here, but I don't think I'll be hurrying back to SDS.

          2. re: Diana

            Hmmm... never thought about picking up premade food from Gelson's. I'll have to give it a try.

            Sushi Don sounds like a good place.

            Thanks for the recs!

            1. re: cycler15

              Gelson's is great for the diner on the go. The deli has so many great pre-made options, they have pre-made sandwiches, or will make you one right there-with sliced deli meat or fresh carved turkey or beef. (they also do a cute boxed kid's meal). They have a cart for soups, and North Hollywood has the newish Hot bar, which changes from brekkers, to lunch, to dinner. Thinkgs like french toast, eggs, oatmeal, sausage, bacon and such for brekkers, A potato bar and stews and other great stuff for lunch and dinner. The variety is pretty good. I often see a lady sticking a digital thermometer into the offerings to ensure that it is kept at a safe temp, so I know ther's no danger of yuckyness.

              The sushi counter next to the deli serves up pre-made sushi, but the chef will also make you something fresh, if the's there and able. You can ask for brown rice. Or a chirashi bowl, or, you can ask him to just use salad greens or cucumber strings and put the fish on that for low-carb. If you ask nicely, he'll usually do pretty m uch anything within reason. The sushi bar also has some new cooked options, like tempura, teriyaki and such.

              In the produce section, there is a cart for vegetarian soups as well as a great salad bar, a bread and cheese section, and a Wolfgang Puck Express. The bakery in the front of the store has tons of great yummies, including right now my favorite giant hollow chocolate easter eggs with cute decoration. There is coffee, too. Darn good coffee.

              Whew. Did I mention how much I like Gelson's? I go there myself for a great salad every Friday for lunch, either North Hollywood or Encino. I usually pick up some necessities whilst there.

              I love the good food, great service-and the prices aren't what people keep saying they are. Gelson's is increadibly reasonable. Trust me, right now I'm not pulling in a lot of $$, but Gelson's is still within my budget.

              Plus, the indoor eating area is nice, and the tables outside are OK.

              Give it a try!

              1. re: Diana

                I have to second everything Diana said about Gelson's--its deli counter and salad bar are great. It is the only non-restaurant place where I will buy sushi and I've never been disappointed.

                By the way, regarding the prices, I did a same-day price check at Gelson's and at Vons and found Gelson's to be about 10% higher overall than Vons on the items I normally buy. At the deli counter, I only compared prices for sliced turkey and Vons was considerably cheaper. HOWEVER, the produce I bought at Vons that day only lasted a couple of days and had to be thrown out. I usually buy produce at Gelson's and it lasts much longer.

          3. You could try HealthyCa in North Hollywood...not sure what time they are open till.

            4724 Lankershim Blvd
            North Hollywood, CA, 91602
            (818) 505-1035

            There's also Hugo's (have never had take-out but I'm sure they would offer it).

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              I really like HealthyCa but they are not open on weekends and close at 5 or 5:30 PM.

            2. It's Sherman Oaks, but Farm Boy's (Riverside and Hazeltine) sushi is good enough to warrant a few extra miles. It shares parking with Trader Joes so landing your car can be a problem, but there is plenty of street parking nearby. Tony's Mexican Grill (Magnolia and Coldwater) makes fairly healthy, and very tasty Mexican. I would call ahead if you want it fast. Finally, Fish in the Village (Burbank and Whitsett) is a kosher fish market and eatery that offers grilled fish and middle-eastern sides. Again, call ahead. Good luck.

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              1. re: ebethsdad

                Hmmm... I live right next to Tony's Mexican Grill and Fish in the Village and have never tried them out. Thanks for the recs! I'll be giving them a try shortly.

                1. re: ebethsdad

                  I second the Tony's Mexican Grill rec. Nice people, delicious healthier mexican food. They also have a few great salads and a fruit plate. Only thing that needs some changing are the chips they serve- those could be better.

                  1. re: ebethsdad

                    I tried Tony's Mexican Grill the other day. Didn't think it was that great. I had the grilled steak salad... nothing special. Plus parking in that small lot is a nightmare so it's not convenient for me to easily pick up food on my way home.

                    1. re: cycler15

                      I'm sorry you were disappointed. I usually get the fish tacos which are quite good. Good luck in your search.

                    2. re: ebethsdad

                      Great call on Farm Boy's! I had never heard of the place before even though I've been to Trader Joes a few times. Their sushi was pretty fresh and the pieces are really big. 6 huge pieces of salmon sushi for $6.50! A way better deal than the sushi at Trader Joes or Gelsons. Plus they have Korean BBQ Bulgogi (marinated beef), so I picked up a pound of that for $7 and had for dinner. Really good! Thanks for the rec!

                    3. right there, it's so easy to call ahead and pick up from HUGO's. and if you're looking for a healthier ish taco try Hugo's Tacos across the street.

                      if you're willing to stop in Sherman Oaks (don't know whether you're heading east or west to Studio City), CARNIVAL on Woodman has some good middle eastern plates, esp the chicken schwarma. PITA KITCHEN on Van Nuys is also very good.

                      a quick salad can be had from the DRESSING ROOM in Sherman Oaks, and the parking is easy and validated in the back.

                      ARAZ is also good for middle eastern

                      JINKY's is another healthy spot, or at least has ample healthy options.