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Mar 17, 2008 04:38 PM

Restaurant suggestions near Nice (Villefranche) and Bordeaux

Will be visiting in late April and May.
Any suggestions for some memorable eats. Does not have to be too fancy, but am willing to "dress up" if the food is great.

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  1. We found this place walking up the hill in the old town of Villefranche. It seemed to be run by a husband (chef) and wife (waitress) team. This is what I wrote in a trip report:
    L’Eschalote- We had gotten recommendations for restaurants on the Quai which we expected to try the first night. Unfortunately when we arrived the places were packed with some sort of tour or business group (everyone wearing name tags) so we wandered around town and found this place. We were very glad we did.
    Apperitif- Kir Royale with Mure, Caponata-like spread and nuts
    Entrée- Foie Gras with apples in an aigre-doux sauce
    Ravioli with shellfish and marinated vegetables
    Plat- Parmentier Beef with Red Wine Sauce and Olives
    Pan Fried Scallops wrapped in Bacon with Sour Orange Sauce, rice and asparagus
    Dessert- Chocolate cake (almost brownie like), banana(?) Ice cream, figs and other dried fruit
    Poached caramelized pear with raspberry marmalade and vanilla ice cream-YUM!!!
    ½ bottle each red and white Cote de Provence wine
    Total for the meal 144.00€

    1. The 3-Michelin starred Chateau de la Chevre d'Or in Eze is spectacular in every way. Food, service, and the view (provided it is not fogged in, as it was when we were there).

      Jacques Maximin in Vence (just northwest of Nice) is an absolute must, and surprisingly inexpensive for what you get.

      Though these are both "fancy", jacket and tie are not required, but many customers do dress up, so it's entirely up to you.

      Also worth a trip to Vence are Vieux Couvent and Auberge des Templiers for contemporary cuisine, and Lion D'Or for traditional.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming.
        Will report back when we return.

        1. hi- i am now in nice visiting with my son and his family. i would suggest in nice aphrodite or l"univers. a little further north of nice over rimiez would be parcours. the last is realy a lovely food place with a lovely view . i think you might find its exact location by googling the name
          btw, these are not touristy
          good luck

          1. I dined at La Chevre D'Or in 2003. The view, high above Cap Ferrat and the Meditteranean, is breathtaking. The restaurant has two Michelin stars, I believe, not three, but it's worth visiting. Most grand cafes do not offer breakfast, but Chevre D'Or does. It is possible to enjoy breakfast on the terrace there.

            My tour also visited La Bastide Ste. Antoine, in Grasse. If you plan to visit the facilities in Grasse which bottle and distribute perfume, such as Fragonard, La Bastide, which also has two Michelin stars, was the best restaurant we visited. It's 49 kilometers from Nice, but a terrific experience. Their website is Chef Chibois purchased and restored a neglected old inn 10 or 12 years ago. He prepared a magnificent meal for our group, and was delighted to sign menus and pose for photographs. The rumor mill has Mr. Chibois receiving a 3d Michelin star soon. Strongly recommended, and the restaurant website has maps and directions.

            Also, we lunched at L'Ane Rouge in Nice, near the harbor. Very nice. Elsewhere on the Chowhound France board, people raved about the bouillabaise, which must be ordered a day in advance.

            Finally, if time permits, you might enjoy seeing the fresh open-air market in Nice. The French passion for good food is on display, along with flowers, herbes du Provence, and many other delights.

            Nice, and the surrounding areas, are indeed a food lover's paradise.

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              Chevre d'Or just received its third star this year. We have not been to Jacques Chibois' restaurant but the owner of the hotel where we stayed in Vence spoke of him with reverence, so it's nice to hear your experience bore this out.