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Mar 17, 2008 04:35 PM

How long does halvah keep in the fridge?

I don't know how long i've had this stuff in there, but it's been within the past year. I have two long slabs, and they are packaged like chocolate bars.

I can't find an expiry date on these....are they still ok to eat?

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  1. halva can last a good long while--years--much like peanut butter. the oils in the sesame paste go rancid eventually, but you'll know as soon as you open the package whether it's taken a turn for the worse (and even then it probably won't kill you).

    1. the store where I buy halva do not keep it in the fridge.

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        But I'd hope they don't keep it around for a year or so.

      2. Mine never lasted long enough to find out! ; )