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Apr 20, 2002 01:33 PM

Where can you buy soft shell crab in OC?

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Does anyone know where you can buy soft shell crab in Orange County or Long Beach? I suspect the usual places like Santa Monica Seafood, Bristol Farms, and Gelson's but I haven't looked yet. Does anyone know when the season is?

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  1. The BEST place to buy Soft Shells is in Downtown LA at LA FISH on STANFORD at 4th. Walk in, go to the Cash sale, W/C window and order a case of(size)Hotels, Large or Jumbo. The price will shock you and there are only 12 or 24?in a case which will be the cost of a half doz at the Fish retail stores. Something around 2.25 ea rings a bell. I think live is in season again. If you buy live and can't finish them , freeze them after you've cleaned them. Cleaning means :scissor their eyes,mouth and feelers off, tear off the the top shell and remove gills, DONE.

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      I could be wrong ...but wait one more month for soft shells.The fresh ones anyway.

    2. I just went to Santa Monica Seafood in Santa Monica last Thursday and soft shell crabs were in. I asked if they were alive and the guy said they weren't and it'd be best to wait "a while" to buy them when they could get them live. I don't know exactly what "a while" meant to him but I didn't buy any! It was the first day they were in.

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        torta basilica

        Gelson's, Newport Beach, didn't have this weekend & Bristol Farms will not stock until they can get them live - probably about the 2nd week in May.