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Hamantaschen in SF?

Anyone know where in SF I can buy Hamantaschen for Purim in SF?


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  1. Noe Valley Bakery seems to have at least one flavor year round. They might have several for Purim.

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    1. I was looking for Babka in the Avenues a few weeks ago and although I was unsuccessful, I did see Hamantaschen at House of Bagels on Geary.

      Someone on this board also suggested I try Miller's West Coast Deli on Polk but I did not have a chance.

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          yeah house of bagels, and cinderella get it right and regularly have the standards of apricot, raspberry, poppy and sometimes prune. house of bagels' remind me a little more of purim, and taste like something a mom would make. if you like vanilla in your recipe, and it to border on a shortbread cookie, then this is the pick. cinderella's is more buttery with more intense, probably jarred, fillings. Both are really great cookies.

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            House of Bagels Hamentaschen have always been "leaden"...unless they have changed their recipe...I wouldn't buy them there, good Hamentachen should have a cookie dough that should stand by itself (Cookie taste wise).....I've ordered them from a new bakery on Polk St. ...I've forgotten the name..I'll pick up a card when I pick them up tomorrow...I've ordered poppy seed my favorite...review to follow.

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              I can't say if they changed the recipe, and it's been at least a year and a half since I've had one, but they sure didn't taste leadened, cakey, or like the cookie part didn't stand on it's own. Not entirely sure what you mean. My shortbread comparison might have just been a poor choice of wording... or maybe there are differences in what people think of as a real hamantaschen...I don't like the cookie to be dense, and flat tasting for example... as a kid I remember the raw dough tasting pretty close to the finished baked cookie in flavor once it was rolled out.

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                That is DEFINITELY not how I remember them..perhaps they HAVE changed the recipe...the ones I remember were oversized, pallid and doughy...tasteless for the most part...not a cookie I would nibble on if it didn't have a sweet center to get to...shortbread would be great...these were hardly "short" not crumbly at all..

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                  I hate to say it, but what you're describing (palid, and doughy) *could* be words to describe a classic homemade hamantaschen... well "doughy" sounds iffy, but the pale thing can be right. They shouldn't be too crunchy in my book, but there might be Jews out there who want some crunch! Maybe I just got a really good House of Bagels batch in which case...

                  Try Cinderella's if you want a more cookie like cookie. When you break a piece of in the bag, it'll leave crumbles...and I'm pretty sure they dust theirs with egg so they have a little color.

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                    In my book and from my New York backround..and a year of university in Israel, I can asure you that this is an example of a BAD hamentaschen...perhaps all too common..but not at all what a Hamentaschen could or should be..but thanks for the heads up on Cinderella, at 10am today I pick up the H'taschen from the new bakery on Polk St....I'll give a report later....

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                      I gotta go with derek here about The House of Bagels. I've had a NY hamentaschen and HOB is no NY hamentaschen. Even Boston had better ones than HOB ... there was this place at Fresh Pond ... mmmmmoigh (makes kissing noise) ... wonderful

                      It is like the difference between buying a chocolate chip cookie at Safeway and buying one at a good bakery. The former has a bland nothing taste.

                      I wasn't that impressed with Cinderella either, but I'm not all that crazy about much of what Cinderella sells. Long ago ... when they first started ... Max's made a decent one ... but that was for a short brief moment.

                      How about a hamentaschen crawl? One from Miller's East Coast West deli as long as you are on Polk

                      Hmmm ... I should see see if I can coax Crixa into making some ... but then I'd have to learn how to pronounce hamentaschen. I just point usually and say "one of those, please".

                      The place on Polk is Lotta's which is high on my list to try. I have an appointment in SF on Friday soon and want to check out their challah.

                      Lotta's Bakery
                      1720 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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                          Yeah, but is it 'ha' or 'ho'. The versions I've had in the bay area have been real ho's ... yeah, God is going to strike me dead for saying that.

                          Anyway, I asked about how to pronounce it and what makes a good one on the General Board. Who knew there were two types?

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                          Truthfully NY has a lot of generic factory made Hamantaschens these days. I think the consensus is Moshe's makes the best.

                          By the way - a lot of the descriptives being used as negatives could be used to describe some of the best in NY. I really have a feeling we all 1) have different ideals for this cookie depending on our first exposure to it, and 2) I got lucky with the batch from House of Bagels.

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                            Tried Lotta's and it is the best I've ever had from a bakery

                            Turns out that Bakesale Betty's only makes them for Pesche.

            2. Call Cinderella Bakery on Balboa. They usually have a few flavors.

              1. Max's had apricot and poppy seed in Marin so probably do in SF too

                1. I was in the East Coast West Deli on Polk today and they had poppy seed ones.

                  1. There's a Russian Bakery on 2Oth and Geary on the North side of the street....it's called "Russian Bakery" They have them...also, House of Bagels on Geary-near the other place has them....

                    1. I haven't tried them but I saw them at Arizmendi bakery this morning. They have sour cherry and apricot, in bags of 3 or 4.

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                        I saw them on the website. Did you happen to notice if they still had chocolate macaroons for Passover?

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                          I didn't notice chocolate macaroons there... but I didn't look at the cookies closely.

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                            Passover isn't until April 19th (to April 27) this year, so they might not be making the chocolate macaroons yet.

                        2. This is not in SF, but Sophia Cafe has them in Albany on Solano. 1247 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706, 510-526-8663. Apricot, poppy, and a couple of other flavors. I think they are housemade.

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                            The hamantaschen at Sophia Cafe is awful. There is hardly any filling inside. But you'll find plenty of dough and powdered sugar.

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                              Another East Bay option - Grand Bakery, in Oakland. It's hard for me to really evaluate hamentaschen fairly, as I like my cookies buttery and very brown, and it sounds like hamentaschen are supposed to be light in color, but I thought these were pretty good, considering they're so different in style from the cookies I prefer. Very light gold in color, shortbread-y in texture (but more tender, with a slight cakiness), straightforward sugar-cookie flavor. The poppy seed filling was very good, as was the cookie-to-filling ratio. They also sell small tubs of the filling separately. The cookies are kosher pareve and made with margarine. Apricot, cherry, and prune flavors also available. I think they were roughly a dollar a cookie.

                              Grand Bakery
                              3264 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

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                                I think Grand Bakery also makes the hamentaschen, rugelach and other cookies that are sold in boxes at Andronico's. I've never tried them though, and so can't comment on how they fare. Any comments?

                                1. re: dreamsicle

                                  You're right, they do sell at Andronico's. I tried rugelach today (cinnamon-raisin, and chocolate) - the cinnamon-raisin was better, but neither was great. The dough was a little gummy, and the chocolate not melted enough (I like my rugelach very brown, and oozing filling). I also snagged a black-and-white cookie as well, and liked it - the cookie is soft and cakey, and tastes more like almond extract than lemon, which I think goes better with chocolate. Most of the black-and-whites I've tried have lemony cookies, which I don't really like (I keep trying them because I'm originally from New York and I think I'm supposed to like them. This is the first one I've tried that I really liked).

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                                    Try the rugelach at Crixa. My wife thinks they are the best ever.

                                      1. re: escargot3

                                        Is that an affirmation of my post above or a question?

                                        1. re: wolfe

                                          I'm a huge fan of Crixa's Central European offerings. So yes, an affirmation that their pastries in general are great, and the rugelach included.

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                                      Yeah Grand Bakery is one of the last Jewish style bakeries in the Bay Area, and it's easy to find (Molly Stones carries it too) but they're cookies are usually just okay, verging on a letdown. I've actually found myself adding liquor to their honey cakes just because they were so dry and boring.

                                      Hamantaschens can be gummy....I've been using doughy as a descriptive. Most store bough ones like Grand Bakery's taste more chalky then gummy to me though.

                                      I'm curious to try the B/W cookies now though.

                                      1. re: daveena

                                        Glad to hear that you enjoyed the black and white cookie, daveena :). They seem to be hard to find in the Bay Area and I haven't had many or know much about them. A lot of the recipes I've seen call for lemon extract though, so I've always assumed it's a "traditional" component of black and white cookies.

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                                          Tasted the rest of my cookie more closely - it has lemon extract in the white frosting, and almond extract in the cookie. It works well.

                                2. I bought a bunch of hamentashen yesterday at House of Bagels and I thought they were great. I agree with sugartoof that the cookie part is like a shortbread. Not leaden at all. I bought apricot, apple, poppy, and chocolate, and they also had cherry and prune.

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                                      Yes, I just tried a fresh one from HOB and it was not pallid, cute little curls in the dough and was quite good...but the next day....not so good...probably true of all baked goods...so make sure to ask if they were baked that day...it had a nice amount of poppy seed filling.....the ones I bought from Grands..were sooo pallid, I popped them in the oven to bake them a little more...either way the 'cookie' part was fall apart non distinct..surely would not stand on its' own as a cookie...and not enough filling...

                                    2. Don't try the ones at Moscow & Tiblisi Bakery at Geary & 20th. The one I had was leaden (and probably, stale too).

                                      1. Bette's To Go in Berkeley had mini hamantaschen filled with cream cheese Was in too much of a hurry to wait in line for one. I figure they'll have them for a few weeks.

                                        1. I need to buy about 100 hamantaschen for my daughters school in Walnut Creek, any place on this side of the tunnel to buy them? If not then Berkeley or Oakland will work. Tried Grand Bakery but I'd like to shop around for a bulk discount. Thanks!!

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                                            How about the 2 suggestions above, minis from Bette's To Go or order from Bakesale. BSB is easy off, easy on the freeway?

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                                              As of Monday Costco's San Francisco branch had apricot/rasberry in a plastic party tray. I tried them. Shortbread style, sadly no poppy. Not the worst.
                                              Okay, not a ringing endorsement but I brought them to work and they were quickly gone.