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Mar 17, 2008 04:21 PM

Bend, OR restaurants

My wife and I will be in Bend at the end of May for 5 nights and are very interested in knowing what restaurants we should consider. We are interested in good food in all shapes and sizes. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.\Ron

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  1. Not really in Bend, but my favorite place to eat in that area is Terrebonne Depot. Excellent fresh food. I recommend the skirt steak/couscous entree.

    Terrebonne is about 20 mile N of Bend and worth the drive.

    In Bend, I go to Deschutes Brewery Pub for excellent beer and decent pub fare.

    1. Do a Bend search on Chowhounds and you will find most of what you need to know. There are a couple of new places since my earlier posts - Deep, owned by Jody Denton of Merenda, and Typhoon. Perhaps other posters could comment on the regional chain Typhoon.

      We have not yet tried either one. As to beer and pub fare, we prefer Bend Brewery over Deschutes.

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        Another vote for Bend Brewery over Deschutes.
        If you are looking for cheap eats Longboard Louis is good.
        We still haven't found a place to beat Merenda. Food is almost as good as the vibe!
        Steve has it nailed in his earlier post.