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Mar 17, 2008 04:17 PM

upscale new product from Tropicana OJ

called Tropicana Pure Valencia. 100% valencia OJ not from concentrate. in kind of a upscale looking plastic bottle. nice label with a nice orange illustration and says, in ref to the company, Est 1947. I thought the color of the juice was spectacular. the taste: not bad but with pasteurization, it cant be like fresh squeezed Valencia juice.dont remember the price.

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  1. More expensive than regular Tropicana (I paid $4.50 for something like 55 fl oz) and I don't like it as much. It tastes to me as if you mixed regular Tropicana 60/40 with from-concentrate Minute Maid.

    1. It was on sale for 3.50, I like it, but most of those packaged OJs lose something in the translation, probably due to some heat and stabilization process. It is tough to beat Minute Maid frozen concentrate with pulp, we ought to have stock in the company, I wish they could cut back on the sugar somehow. We do have to be concerned about the transportation/energy issues of our beverages as well. If I could find a 100% Valencia frozen concentrate, it might be my new favorite.

      1. Cook's Illustrated did a tasting of the premium OJs in a recent issue, including the Tropicana Pure Valencia and others like Simply Orange. They pretty much said to save your money, the premium OJs aren't worth the extra $. The plain old regular Tropicana that they threw into the tasting was the winner, beating all the so-called "premium" juices.

        1. I wish Tropicana marketed its blood orange juice here in the states, or at least in the NYC area. I bought it in the Monoprix markets in Paris, and it's delicious!

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