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Mar 17, 2008 04:00 PM


Coming to NO in April. Who has the best Muffaletta in town?
I know it's not Central Grocery.

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    1. disagree whole-heartedly with the napoleon house selection. for me it's a bread thing and an olive salad thing. maybe it was off the one time i had it there, but the bread was closer to a hamburger bun consistency than a proper italian loaf, and the olive salad tasted more like celery than olives. to me, central grocery is the muffaletta by which others are judged, and the others usually fare poorly in the comparison, at least in my experience. i haven't found one to top central. i'll say the frenchuletta at liuzza's is a pretty good one, too. i haven't tried nor-joe's, which i've heard good things about. on another note, i think some people's enjoyment of a muffaletta increases with the amount of meat on it. i'm different. the meat is important to me, but i think there's a point in the piling on of meat where additional meat decreases enjoyment. this is to say i think the right proportion of bread to meat to cheese to olive salad is essential. these places that pile the meat two inches thick screw up the proportion.

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        I do agree that the proportion is important; however, the ever-shrinking layer of meat at Central is of late disproportionate to the bread, imo.
        I was very pleased with Nor-Joe's, although I know others have had different experiences.

        1. re: cajungirl

          I have an awful problem. While I don't live in NO, I do LOVE muffalettas and order them online. Well, I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis (sp) which means....NO seeds! I know this may be sacrilege but can one find a different kind of bread on which to make these delights, french bread comes to mind. Thanks!

          1. re: Missi

            Missi, Liuzza's makes the frenchuletta. It's a massive sandwich and grades at about an 8/10 on the muffaletta scale. I need that Italian loaf for a true experience! But, it would definitely answer your craving.

            Rebebe, see my post "Central Grocery is Rude." Great suggestions on where to go for a great muff. Split a Napoleon House muff with a Domilise's po-boy down on the riverbend on a sunny afternoon with a friend and some beers... Mmmmm...

      2. I would have to vote for the muffalettas at Central Grocery. The price keeps going up and has jumped a lot since Katrina. I used to live on Royal St. in the 1960's and used to go to Central. I think the muffs were $1.25 in those days.