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Mar 17, 2008 03:54 PM

white mountains quandry - help !

Hi all

After many helpful replies to my last post I now have a 10 day itinerary around Maine and NH all sorted - apart from my last three nights.

I will be travelling south from Rangeley and will have three nights to explore and sample the chow in the white mountains, before heading back down the I 93 to Logan. They will be a Wed/Thr/ Fri 8-10 October and options for staying/eating include

Victoria Inn - Bethel
Carter Notch Inn - Jackson
Notchland Inn - Harts location
Sugar Hill Inn - Sugar Hill

Ideally we would like to split our stay so we have our last two nights in one place. Food and glorious views for the finale to our stay are very important, but also dont want to spend last two nights eating at same place unless it is both varied and spectacular !

What are the views on chow at these establishments, the chow prospects elsewhere in these villages/towns and which is the most beautiful/ non touristy location.

Or do you recommend somewhere else entirely ?!

Thanks as ever for any help you can give

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  1. Here is the website for Notchland:
    With the dollar so cheap against the pound, you should rent the Willard Cottage, complete with jacuzzi and wood-burning fireplace. Be sure to book asap, as October is peak leaf-peeping season. A little more formal, but with a great wine cellar, is the Inn at Thorn Hill in Jackson. For me though, nothing beats the natural setting of Notchland.

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      FWIW, the Inn at Thorn Hill was rated Best for Food on Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List:

    2. In your planning - keep in mind it's a 5 hour drive from Boston to Mt Desert, 3 1/2 - 4 hours from Mt Desert to Moosehead and another 3 1/2 - 4 from Moosehead to Rangley - and that's without any stops along the way. Greenville and Rangley are well off the beaten path, but well worth it. Both are destination towns without very many service between Southern Maine and them. Views of Mt Kineo and the Height of Land never get old and both have nice places to stop and bring a take-out lunch along.

      Moosely Bagel's and the Red Onion both have takeout in Rangley to take to the height of Land.


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        actual trip is boston 3 nights, camden 1 night, acadia 3 nights, greenville 3 nights, rangeley ?1 night ? bethel ?1 night ? notchland 2 nights

        All further recs welcome !


        You can't beat the views from the Mt. Washington Hotel and in October, it would be mind blowing. They are undergoing some construction of a new spa, but the view from the veranda would still be ok. We recently had dinner there but it was a fixed menu, so we didn't see the regular one. I had sea bass on an artichoke risoto cake with a smoked tomato sauce that was delicious. The breakfast buffet was just ok.

        It would be worth a stop just to see the hotel and have a drink out on the veranda (there is a veranda bar). It's a spectacular building very rich with history. (they have daily tours by a docent at 10am and 3pm)

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          My rec would be to stay at Notchland and have drinks on the verandah at the Mt. Washington. The ride up through Crawford Notch is spectacular. You will probably be one of many driving the Kancamagus Hwy--instead of taking it all the way from Conway to Lincoln, you can get on it at Bartlett. Heading from Notchland to Conway, make the right on to Bear Notch Road in Bartlett--it's much less travelled, it's scenic, and it puts you about halfway on the Kanc. Go toward Lincoln, but instead of having lunch there, continue on to North Woodstock and have lunch at the Woodstock Inn and Station Brewery--if the weather is warm, the terrace is pleasant for one of their home-brewed beers and a sandwich or salad.

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            The b and b at mt washington was a great stop for us.....

          2. I have stayed at the Victorian in Bethel(when it was a B&B). Nice rooms, good location. I prefer the Sudbury Inn. Rooms aren't as good, but they have a good pub. In my mind, a good pub trumps all. I have also stayed at the Carter Notch Inn; a great place, nice innkeepers, excellent breakfast. I highly recommend it. Get a premuim room. I am a fan of bars and if you go there, travel down to the Moat Mountain Brewhouse ( 10 minutes) in No. Conway. Good food, great beer.
            Keep in mind that this is prime "leaf peeping", so reserve early.
            PS.....if in Rangely, consider a drive over to Eustis and dine at the Porter House. A pretty drive, about an out for moose!

            1. I have heard that there is a little place in N. Conway called Maestro that is very good. For the most part, though, I look for simple fare up there. The more "gourmet" they try to be, the worse the experience, with few exceptions. And I get my fill of fancy fare here in Providence, where there are tons of good restaurants. For simply prepared "lobster shack" type seafood, I like the Lobster Shack, which is off the beaten track on the West Side Rd. cutoff.