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Mar 17, 2008 03:53 PM

So.cial at Le Magasin's Deli and Custom Butcher (pictures)

I had a hankering for a sandwich. So for lunch I headed to Gastown to have a roast beef sandwich at So.cial. Great value - small (but large) sandwich for $5.50 (CAD).

I have purchased some of their charcuterie in the past - specifically their bresaola and some sausages. Great stuff. They also sell dry-aged beef (at $37/kg not cheap, but at least I know I can get it here in a pinch for those special occasions.)

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    1. I was kind of disappointed by my experience there. Did you get any house-made potato chips? They're supposed to be included.

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      1. re: lotuskitty

        No they ran out.

        I'll do a review of the Greedy Pig soon. I was there a couple of weeks ago, but forgot my celphone. I actually prefer the Greedy Pig, but I think So.cial is a pretty good sandwich deli (if you are into sandwiches).

          1. re: Pollo

            Also in Gastown on Cordova and Cambie. Great roast beef with foie gras and mushroom sandwich. It's closed on Mondays (hence my trip to So.cial instead).

        1. re: lotuskitty

          They never give me chips either! I didn't even know that they were supposed to come with until the guy slipped up one day and offered...

          Best sandwich value here I always get a full and take the other half home for later.