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Mar 17, 2008 03:46 PM

Best hand-made noodles?

I love chewy noodles :D

There was a place a few years ago in SGV that I thought it had the best hand-made noodles then they closed down. And now I'm starting to crave for them again.
The last place I went to that had it was Mandarin Noodle House on Garvey. The first time was great, the 2nd time I went there I was kind of disappointed.

Any recommendations?

It can be Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc...and I'm looking at around SGV or just Los Angeles area (ktown etc).

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  1. For Chinese, I know Heavy Noodling used to make good knife-shaven noodles. It may be what you're referring to? I just went to 101 Noodle Express on Valley Blvd and ordered the beef noodle soup... the soup/beef itself were forgettable but the noodles had the exact consistency i was looking for in hand-pulled noodles. i think they are hand-pulled?

    For Korean hand-made noodles... i just went here:
    Other reviewers here on CH also talk about Olympic Noodle and Myung Dong Gyoja for their fresh noodles. hope that helps.

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    1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

      Thanks for the link! I just read the review and it looks good. I've never tried Korean hand-made noodles so I'll definitely try this place out!

    2. I don't think 101 is hand pulled, but they are very good.
      Is the one that closed down the Ma Lan noodles off Garfield just north of Garvey? If so, go to their Hacienda Heights branch at 2020 Hacienda Blvd.

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      1. re: Jerome

        Jerome, i had tried to eat at Ma Lan noodles about 2-3 years ago and it was gone. they only have the HH location open.

        re: 101, doesn't matter to me if they are hand-pulled or not... the texture is really great!

        1. re: Jerome

          Maybe!! I remember it was around that area and the name sounds kind of familiar.
          I was able to choose the thickness and they had little signs describing the colors of the soup noodles etc. something like that.

          I'll visit their Hacienda Heights branch when I'm around that area. Thanks!!

          1. re: beautifuldiirt

            Hum. Doesn't sound much like Malan. You can specify the shape of the noodles, not just the thickness - it goes from fine, to medium, to triangular, to 'belt'. I liked the very al dente texture, but the soup broth sometimes leaves something to be desired.

            There's a place I tried a few months back based on a chowhound post. Good noodle texture (they have hand pulled, and knife cut), but not as tasty as Heavy Noodling:

            Kam Hong Garden
            848 E Garvey Ave
            Monterey Park, CA

            1. re: notmartha

              Actually...I think you're right. It was too long ago so I totally forgot but it was probably the shape then. I remember once you walked in if you go straight there's this big window where you can see them make the noodles :T

              Thanks for the recommendation! I'll add that to my list !

              1. re: beautifuldiirt

                1. is heavy noodling still open?

                2. at malan you can specifiy thickness (er xi, etc) for three types of round noodles, as well as the belt and "triangular" noodles.

                1. re: Jerome

                  Nope - sorry if that wasn't clear (thought it was well known that they went under). I had been trying to find a place that has good stir fried knife cut noodles that tasted as good as Heavy Noodling (my gold standard).

                  Actually got my old menu for Malan. It has 7 noodle sizes: small round, medium round, large round, small flat, medium flat, large flat (aka belt in chinese), triangle. The stir fried noodles only comes in one size - large round.

        2. Dumpling House on Rosemead Blvd. on Rosemead has good hand-made noodles.

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          1. re: WHills

            I agree. They also have the best scallion pancakes

          2. I would recommend Noodle House in Arcadia:

            bcs it's unique, their handmade noodles is spinach-based.

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            1. re: burumun

              Love niu rou mian :) With handmade noodles would make it perfect.

              1. re: burumun

                Their noodles are hand-kneaded (shou gan mian) but not hand-drawn (shou la mian).

                1. re: raytamsgv

                  The former (hand-kneaded) reminds me too much of regular Italian-type pasta; the latter is where the good stuff is at.

                  BTW, isn't "shou-la mien" better translated as "hand-pulled"? Hand-drawn has a weird ring to it. :-)

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Forgot about Noodle House. Their hand made noodles are actually very al dente - much firmer than fresh Italian pasta. We had a hot & sour non-soup noodles that's very good. But the star attraction for us are the baos. Their beef roll was very good as well.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      I suppose "hand-pulled" is a better translation. :-)

                      1. re: raytamsgv

                        IIRC, Mama's on New Ave also has "hand-made" noodles. I believe they're kneaded and knife shaven. Texture wise, it's pretty darn good.

                        "hand-made" can mean a variety of things, hand pulled, hand kneaded then knife shaven, or finally, hand kneaded, machine cut.

                        Kam Hong has all 3.