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Mar 17, 2008 03:18 PM

Buying Cheese in Vancouver?

Have just discovered this group, and have done various searches on previous posts but nothing on my question, but I'm sure it must have been asked up here a million times.

In Toronto we had Global Cheese in Kensington, and several in St Lawrence markets. There you could speak to the guys about Cheese, taste cheese before buying and they always have interesting cheeses, and amazing specials. Other than Safeway/Costco/Granville Island Mkts where do you cheese lovers go to buy cheese ?

Small/busy stores with quality cheese, friendly service..


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  1. Check out Les Amis du Formage. They have a location in North Van and one near Granville Island.

    1. i used to go to the cheese man when i lived in vancouver - 4th and alma. lots of choice and way cheaper than say urban fare that has a decent selection as well, just pricier

      1. La Grotta on Commercial near 1st Ave (only because it is in my 'hood). Also A. Bosa on Victoria Dr (not a big selection, but it is about a 5 minute walk from where I live.)

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          For informed help, wide selection and tasting opps, Les Amis all the way (I frequent the 2nd Ave near Burrard outpost -- bring money). For a more Italian-centric but still good assortment, generally lower prices and varying degrees of info/helpfulness, La Grotta. If you know what you want, try Parthenon on Broadway (decent selection with really good prices and they will cut to size if you ask). I like Bosa but agree the selection is a bit limited with many cheeses coming pre-cut eg last time I went I wanted Asiago mezzano and it was only available in largish vacuum packed chunks (poor me, eh?). The Fourth and Alma store (Cheese man)is also worth checking out if you're in that 'hood but I have found the selection and service there a bit eccentric, though I would agree about the good prices -- haven't been in a while as I fulfill most cheese needs at Les Amis and Parthenon these days. There is nowhere to my knowledge in Vancouver that compares to Global Cheese (fond memories of our two year sojourn in Toronto!).

        2. Les Amis all the way. You can always ask for a smaple all the recommendations they have given me have been spot on, and pairing selections with other foods and wine are good too. I also get a good selection of olives there.

          1. Les Amis all the way (But Oyama in Granville market for St. Agur!). Mmmmmm.