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Mar 17, 2008 03:02 PM

Rome restaurant help with baby

I know this is a controversial subject but the reality is that we'll be in Rome in mid-April for 8 nights with our beautiful 18-month old daughter. We LOVE food and want to ask if anyone can recommend some really good, non-touristy restaurants, pretty centrally located (not too far off the main tourist beat) and not too fancy, keeping in mind baby. We're up for anything. Mille grazie.

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  1. Don't worry about the baby - Italians love babies and will fawn all over you. Where are you staying? It might help making a recommendation a little easier.

    1. I'd like to 2nd the request and ask the OP to please post your experiences when you return. I'll be in Rome in July with daughter (who will also be 18 months at the time). If it helps with any replies-we'll be staying right near the Spagna metro stop & the Villa Borghese (someone please help and tell me what neighborhood this is considered-Tridente?). Thanks!

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        1. I was in Rome 6 years ago with my son who was just about 1 at the time. bropaul is right, Italians LOVE babies so don't worry about bringing your little one everywhere you go. We had many late night meals in fantastic places & everyone was happy to see man little man! Sorry, it's been so long that I don't have any specific recommendations for you but know your baby will be welcome. At the same time, know you will not find a high chair (as you do in the states) at restaurants so you might want to bring something of your own (I brought the first years inflatable travel booster thingy). My only complaint while traveling with a baby in Rome was the smoking!!! but that's another story......
          My son enjoyed his first pizza & gelato in Rome!

          1. You will be fine travelling in Rome with a baby. As bropaul said Italians LOVE babies. We have seen restaurant staff take a baby and entertain them until while everyone eats. It would be helpful to know where you are staying before recommending restaurants.