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Mar 17, 2008 02:54 PM

Tomatillos is dead to me...

Despite repeated attempts (I really wanted the relationship to work out...), Tomatillos has failed my girlfriend and I for the last time. The final straw landed when her nachos were so bereft of cheese that there was a semi-enjoyable debate at the table as to whether they qualified as "nachos" or not. Combine that with the fact that they tried to pass off frozen and then flash fried jalapeƱo poppers as JalapeƱos Rellenos. (I understand the technical argument, but come on) I think my favorite part was when the waitress did the "talk to the hand" and stomped away from the table with her hair whipping back and forth after my girlfriend's sister asked about something on the bill. Poor service, and bad food.

I'm not giving up on finding good Mexican food in New Orleans, but the task seems more and more daunting with each failed attempt.

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  1. Try El Gato Negro (81 French Market Place) delicious, authentic Mexican food, friendly service, & great margaritas. Enjoy!

    1. Taqueria San Miguel, either the Elysian Fields location or the new one off of Severn...directly across from the mall in a bright orange building.

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      1. I went there for the first time and I will never go back. The server was terrible would not write anything down and then forgot parts of the order, the food was mediocre and it was exspensive for what you were getting, it is such a shame because they could do great things with there patio area.

        I agree El gato Negro is excellent the owner is super nice and there is always reliable tacqueria corona.

        1. I second the bad service call! Recently moved here and so we've been trying new places. Went to Tomatillos this past weekend and decided we wanted to take advantage of the great weather and sit outside. We were told that it would be about 25 to 30 minutes and we could wait at the bar outside. Long story short 45 minutes later we noticed they were seating people who came after us and my husband went up to the hostess to see what was going on. Apparently the hostess never wrote our name down even though she had pen in hand, the waitlist, and we repeated the name to her twice. My husband was told we'd have to wait for the next table and then we would be seated. Soon thereafter, the hostess came out and told the people next to us at the bar that the open table was going to be theirs. What!?! When asked why she had just told my husband that we'd be next, but now she was going to give the table to another group she stated that she was going by what was ON THE LIST. It's one thing to make a mistake, but then to say you will address it and then fail to do so is a whole other level. Now to comment on the food - my Verdura burrito was good. My husband ordered the fajitas, but it took them about 5 minutes to bring out the sides and they were out of rice. Mexican restaurant out of rice?

          1. so true- I've only been there once but it was so bad that I vowed never to go back, and I haven't. There are too many good places to eat in Nola to waste time with this place.