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Mar 17, 2008 02:50 PM

shiki rocks for lunch

finally stopped into this deservedly well received japanese restaurant for lunch and it was a pleasure. the chysanthemum lunch included excellent miso soup, delicious vegetable rice as an accompaniment, a tiny and perfectly fresh salad of microgreens with a single good cherry tomato and a few cucumber slices as a starter, very good green tea served free and refilled frequently, and a gorgeous platter of small tastes including salmon, halibut, seaweed, pickled cauliflower, beet, an exquisite custard with seafood in it, a tofu dish, a small dish of mayonnaise seafood and vegetables and truly yummy side dish of shrimp and vegetable tempura that included two perfect giant shrimps. i thought it was all excellent though i liked some things more than others, beautiful to look at, with first rate ingredients and pleasant service. I think for $16.00 it was a bargain as well. my husband who likes sashimi had the sunflower lunch and said his sashimi was as good as all the other wonderful small things, similar to mine with minor variations. this place is a charmer. lunch wasn't crowded on a monday, so it may be the best time to try it out.

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  1. Thanks for the good review, glad to hear this. Some people have said it's slow, any opinion about that? I'm looking forward to lunch at Shiki.

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      I have enjoyed weekday lunch at Shiki three times. The pace is leisurely, and I was not in a hurry--I think it added to the pleasure of the experience. I have not been there on the weekend or in the evening.

      1. re: whops

        It does sound nice - how about a location? Thanks

        1. re: rockpile

          I've never had it too uncomfortably slow at lunch. Dinner can be slow..but always had lunch served at a good, civilized pace.

          Shiki is great, though. Seriously.

          It is at 9 Babcock St, in Coolidge Corner, right near where Babcock and
          Harvard meet.

          9 Babcock St, Brookline, MA 02446

          1. re: amatto

            Thanks for the address. I'm sure I'll be going soon.

    2. Thanks all for posting, it spurred me to finally stop in. I had the $16 kaiseki plate, a lovely self-indulgent lunch. Service was prompt but this isn't a meal you want to speed through, too many interesting little tastes, so allow yourself time. A "glass" (generous small pitcher) of sake was really enjoyable ($9.50, waiter-rec'd, off-list). Fairly busy but not crowded. Not open for lunch Sunday or Tuesday--I had shown up twice before to find a closed sign.