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Mar 17, 2008 02:33 PM

Gelato is back in Downtown Orlando

Just wanted to share with you all my latest Chow-worthy food experience. Recently Daily Grind coffee shop opened in the 800 block of North Orange Avenue - in between Shin sushi and Citrus. In addition to the usual trappings of a coffee shop (pastries, sandwiches etc), they have a variety of gelato that seems to be in rotation once a particular flavor is sold out. I can't attest to whether Daily Grind makes its own gelato, but if not, their purveyor is certainly a quality one, and from the silkiness and freshness of it, probably local (i.e., it didn't taste like it's been subjected to temperature changes that so symptomatic of delicate frozen desserts that travel from afar).

This weekend I enjoyed a delicious "sweet cream" flavored gelato. It was so incredibly rich and silky, while, at the same time, was "clean" after ever bite. The cream didn't linger around on your tongue for too long after each bite (which, to me, makes the dessert feel heavier than it really is - like a high butterfat content ice cream would). The gelato was paired perfectly with a wedge of an airy vanilla flavored crisp, that was too delicate to be a spoon to pick up the gelato, much to my dismay.

I hope the gelato at Daily Grind lasts - at least to replace the gelato place that recently closed in Thornton Park.

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  1. Trio Gelato of College Park makes the gelato stocked there. I just ran into the owners of of the Trio Gelato at a Cavallari Gourmet wine and food tasting and oh.mah.gawd, it was great! They were there sampling their freshly made Gelato and it was amazing. We tried the peanut butter, which was a very peanutty base with chunks of peanuts...loved it! Also tried the chocolate and the sweet cream which were outstanding!

    I originally came across the Trio Gelato in the frozen case at The Virgin Olive Market and enjoyed the stawberry cheese cake parfait, which had chunks of cheesecake in it. Very nice.

    After recently having the freshly made, perfect temperature Trio Gelato in person, I'll be making the trip the the Daily Grind pretty soon!


    1. As a gelato fan who misses Il Gelatone, I'm really looking forward to Trio Gelato's open house next Friday night, April 18th, at the Daily Grind. I haven't had a chance to sample Trio's products yet, but I eagerly await it. The event is going on from 7 to 9 PM, according to Trio's blog:

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        My girlfriend and I attended Trio Gelato's open house at the Daily Grind earlier tonight, and had a great time. It was nice to meet Melanie, Jess, and Melinda in person, and they were all sweet as pie and very enthusiastic. The Daily Grind is a really cool place too, the staff was friendly and welcoming, and I wish them well in their new location.

        As for the gelato, they had about a dozen flavors in a nice glass case, and we set to work sampling them. My girlfriend tried a few different flavors before settling on the cookies and cream gelato, while I eventually got a large cup with coconut gelato (I've never had its equal!) and strawberry sorbetto (also amazing). Both were wonderful, but I must also mention their citrus sorbetto, a new flavor I learned they had made for the first time today. It was extremely tart, so much so that it came as a bit of a shock, but very unique and refreshing once my tastebuds acclimated to the fact that it wouldn't taste like orange sherbet or something. You could tell all of Trio's flavors were fresh and very natural, not made from mixes and powders like a place that rhymes with "Shmold Shtone."

        Anyway, ice cream lovers who haven't had gelato before, you definitely, DESPERATELY need to get over to the Daily Grind or any other locations that sell Trio Gelato and try it for yourselves. And if you've had gelato before, maybe at Il Gelatone in Thornton Park before they closed, this is just as good, and probably better. Give these nice, local girls a chance. You won't be sorry.

      2. Nice to see Trio's chime in to this posting and looking forward to the Open House this week. As a point of criticism, I am writing about Daily Grind's closing hours. They close at 8pm during the week ! I've often wanted a taste of gelato after leaving Shin Sushi or Citrus, but alas Daily Grind has already shut down by then. How much trouble is it to keep someone on the payroll for 2 more hours (at $2.13 per hour no less), especially as the weather warms up and more people are outside for an evening stroll.

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        1. re: lauderdale75

          I'd like to know what employee works for $2.13 per hour...

          Also, Daily Grind is open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday! They also have free live music on Saturdays from 7-10. Unfortunately you picked the wrong day for a late night visit!

          1. re: eflint49

            servers work for $2.13 per tips.

            1. re: eflint49

              As Britterbeezer pointed out, many, if not most, foodservice workers (that make tips) are paid 2.13 per hour. Also, I dont think my "late" night cravings are out of the norm -- Both Shin and Citrus close at 10:30 or 11:00 on weeknights, so I dont think its too much to ask that Daily Grind stay open until at least 10:00 pm as some of the neighboring diners are ending their meals.

              (Also, secretly, I wish it were open later as I live across the street and wouldnt mind a taste of gelato just before retiring for the evening).